One week's future business | Pinduoduo's US stock market value once surpassed Ali, and Didi responded to the abnormal APP service for 12 hours. The US group bought food and changed its name to "Elepha

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Every reporter Liu Xuemei,重大新闻 every editor Li Zhuo    

"Every Future Business Think Tank" regularly shares "One Week Future Business" every week, focusing on the fields of e-commerce/new consumption, logistics/supply chain, life service and future business innovation and venture capital, and gaining insight into future business development trends in the form of "events+short comments".

Last week (November 27th — — December 1), we selected 10 important news for you.

1. The market value of Pinduoduo's US stocks once surpassed Alibaba Ma Yun's intranet thread: Everyone has been cattle, but the organization that can reform and be willing to pay for the future cattle is respectable.

On the evening of November 29th, Beijing time, Pinduoduo rose more than 3% in intraday trading, and its market value surpassed Alibaba, becoming the largest Chinese stock in the US stock market. During the day, Ma Yun replied to the post of Ali employees about the market value of Pinduoduo, asking everyone to make more constructive comments and suggestions. Especially innovative ideas. I believe everyone in Ali is watching and listening today. I firmly believe that Ali will change and Ali will change. All great companies are born in winter. The era of AI e-commerce has just begun, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for everyone. Congratulations to pdd for its decision-making, implementation and efforts in the past few years. Everyone is awesome, but the organization that can reform for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and is willing to pay any price and sacrifice is respectable. Back to our mission and vision, Ali, come on!

Short comments on future business:The fierce rising star made Alibaba feel frightened by his achievements beyond market expectations. Pinduoduo only took one third of the former's development time, at least in terms of market value, and the fierce competition of domestic e-commerce seems to have given a phased result. Ma Yun's thread, on the one hand, shows his sense of urgency, on the other hand, it also encourages all employees to seek change firmly, so that Ali can be ashamed and brave.

2. Wang Xing: At present, the share price of Meituan is undervalued, and it is considered to promote the $1 billion repurchase plan.

On November 28th, Meituan released its financial report for the third quarter of 2023 as of the end of September. Revenue in the third quarter was 76.47 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.1%. Net profit in the third quarter was 3.59 billion yuan, up 195.3% year-on-year. In the third quarter earnings conference call, Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan, said that the management has full confidence in the company's long-term growth potential. At present, Meituan's share price in the secondary market only reflects the valuation of a single takeaway business, which is not in line with the company's intrinsic value. It is considering promoting a repurchase plan worth $1 billion. "The company will make a prudent decision on the basis of comprehensive consideration of business investment, cash situation and market conditions." Wang Xing said.

Short comments on future business:Judging from the Q3 financial report, the revenue performance of Meituan is acceptable. Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan, said that the company's share price is undervalued, and it is considering promoting a $1 billion repurchase plan, showing its long-term confidence in the company. This move may have a positive impact on investor sentiment and enhance the market's confidence in the US Mission. At the same time, the repurchase plan may also represent the company's emphasis on market value management and its determination to actively give back to investors. This move may lead the industry trend, cause more companies to pay attention to their stock prices, and actively take measures to enhance market confidence.

3, the annual salary is not capped from one million! Taotian all-ball grabs AI top talents.

Taobao's comprehensive acceleration of AI layout has made heavy news. On November 30th, the reporter of national business daily learned that Taotian Group launched a top talent recruitment plan named T-Star, which recruited the world's top experts in competition, academic and actual combat, and offered a series of special treatments: the offer offered was not hierarchical, customized training mode was adopted, challenging topics were provided, and the "big cow" supervisor and top R&D platform resources were equipped, with an annual salary of not capped at one million. The reporter learned that compared with the previous school recruitment, the T-Star program has three major changes: from domestic universities to world-renowned universities, from recruiting all kinds of talents to recruiting technical talents, from cultivating general talents to excavating and cultivating the next generation of leading talents.

Short comments on future business:This time, the global recruitment of top talents reflects Taotian's current emphasis on AI. On October 20th, at the launch conference of Tmall in double 11, Dai Shan, CEO of Taotian Group, systematically explained the thinking logic of the three strategies of "customer first, ecological prosperity and technology drive" of Taotian Group for the first time. At that time, Dai Shan said that the outbreak of new technologies such as AI will also bring a lot of business opportunities. As the largest consumption platform, Taobao Tmall will be the largest test and breeding ground for AI applications, which will inevitably bring efficiency improvement and great innovation. Taobao, the native AI application of the big model, has experienced more than 5 million people since the internal test was launched in September. Among them, the average number of questions asked by highly active people exceeds 8 times a day, and the maximum number of questions asked by a single user exceeds 4,000 times.

1. the APP service drops abnormally for 12 hours: the cause is the failure of the underlying system software, not the "attack"

On November 28 th, Didi APP experienced a 12-hour system failure, which triggered a strong market reaction and concern. On November 29th, Didi Chuxing apologized through Weibo and said that it was preliminarily determined through internal investigation that the cause of the accident was the failure of the underlying system software, not the "attack" of the network transmission. We will carry out in-depth investigation and upgrade of technical risks in the future to fully guarantee the stability of the service and do our best to avoid similar accidents from happening again. At present, all services of Didi App have been restored.

Short comments on future business:The system failure of Didi platform caused some drivers' concerns, and the company responded and clarified the rumors, which helped to alleviate drivers' concerns and enhance the trust of the platform. This incident also highlights the public's concern and expectation for the travel platform, and the importance of the platform's responsibility and transparency in dealing with the crisis. This is not the first time that the Didi system has problems. With the continuous development of technology and the constant evolution of threats, we need to constantly update and improve our security measures and strategies. This includes regular safety training, timely updating of software and systems, safety audit and risk assessment. On the other hand, redundancy should be set up, and the backup system should be ready at any time, even if it is never used.

2. Entering the whole category, the 5-year-old Meituan bought food and changed its name to "Elephant Supermarket"

On December 1st, after a few days of warm-up, Meituan (HK03690) officially announced that Meituan changed its name to Xiaoxiang Supermarket, which also means that Meituan has officially upgraded its grocery shopping from fresh e-commerce to a full-category retail platform. The person in charge of Xiaoxiang Supermarket revealed that the launch of new brands is a strategic move for Meituan to advance to the local retail field. After the brand upgrade of Xiaoxiang Supermarket, it will further build local warehousing and logistics to deliver the goods needed by users to their homes immediately and promote local consumption.

Short comments on future business:The renaming node of Meituan's grocery shopping coincides with the third day after the release of Meituan's third quarterly report. Or because the performance growth rate did not meet the capital expectations, the intraday decline of Meituan's share price once expanded to 12% on the first trading day (November 29) after the financial report was released, setting a new low since April 2020. It was also in the third quarter earnings conference call that Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan, said that the management had full confidence in the company's long-term growth potential. At present, Meituan's share price in the secondary market only reflects the valuation of a single take-away business, which does not meet the company's intrinsic value and is considering promoting a repurchase plan worth $1 billion. Zhuang Shuai, an e-commerce analyst, said in an interview with national business daily that at this time, the official announcement of the change of name and strategic upgrade of Meituan's food may boost the confidence of the capital market in Meituan's new business to some extent.

3. Entering the sinking market, Leke officially released its sub-brand "Lightning Panda".

On November 26th, Leke officially announced its sub-brand "Lightning Panda" and began to expand the city to attract investment. Lightning Panda is a fitness brand specially launched by Leke for the sinking market, mainly for more than 300 prefecture-level cities in China. Xia Dong, co-founder and CEO of Leke, told national business daily in an interview that the company has no specific regulations on the number of lightning panda stores, and now it is more concerned about the number of Tuocheng. However, according to preliminary calculations, Xia Dong thinks that it is possible for Lightning Panda to open 2,000 to 3,000 stores in the sinking market. National business daily learned that the lightning panda has landed in Shaoxing and Foshan. At the meeting, Wang Pengzhi, the person in charge of Lightning Panda, said that Lightning Panda will soon enter Shantou, Tangshan, Putian, Handan, Wuhu, Huai 'an, Ganzhou, Luoyang, Liuzhou, Fuyang, Jining, Shangrao, Nanyang and other third-tier cities and below.

Short comments on future business:If you want to achieve the goal of ten thousand stores, you will regard the sinking market as a powerful carrier to achieve this grand goal. Seeking growth from the sinking market has become the consensus of almost all chain consumer brands in China. However, the fitness consumption in the sinking market is not the same as the high-frequency catering consumption. In the final analysis, it is a problem of permeability. Different users' needs can be met through different business models, and the solutions should be appropriate to satisfy users, thus realizing business value at the same time.

4. Zhengxin Chicken Chop closed down nearly 10,000 stores in three years, and the number of stores fell back to more than 11,000.

According to the interface news report, in mid-2020, the number of Zhengxin chicken chops in China once reached 22,030, three times that of KFC in China and seven times that of McDonald's in China, making it a well-deserved "street fighter". According to the data of Narrow Door Catering Platform, the number of Zhengxin chicken chops has now dropped to more than 11,000, and nearly 10,000 stores have closed down in three years. Some franchisees said that Zhengxin Chicken Chop has lost its brand dividend, and some franchisees spit out that "the cost of joining far exceeds that shown by official website" and "it is mandatory to decorate every three years, and you can only quit without paying money."

Short comments on future business:The sharp decline in the number of Zhengxin chicken chops stores reflects the management challenges it faces after its rapid expansion. This news shows that catering enterprises that rely solely on the franchise mode and brand bonus may encounter difficulties when the market competition is fierce and the management pressure increases. For investors, we should be cautious about such rapidly expanding enterprises and pay attention to their sustainable operation ability and long-term development potential. This incident also warned other enterprises in the industry to pay attention to improving their management level and continuous innovation ability in order to maintain their advantages in the market competition.

1. Bytes scaled back the game business on a large scale, and set up a new department to launch AI application layer.

On November 27th, ByteDance, one of the six BUs, is in charge of the game business, and will carry out large-scale business contraction. The national business daily reporter learned that the game that has been launched and performed well will be stripped off in the case of ensuring operation; For projects that are not currently online, except for a few innovative projects and related technical projects, they are all shut down. According to 36Kr, it was learned from several independent sources that ByteDance recently established a new AI department, Flow, whose technical director is Hong Dingkun, vice president of technology of ByteDance. In the byte circle, social recruitment has also started for some time. In the post, it said that it is an AI innovation business team under ByteDance, "At present, two products, bean curd and Cici, have been launched at home and abroad respectively, and several AI-related innovative products are being hatched".

Short comments on future business:This may reflect ByteDance's strategic adjustment to the game market and its emphasis on the AI field. Shrinking the game business may be to optimize resource allocation and improve operational efficiency, but it may also cause investors to worry about the company's competitiveness and prospects in the game market. The newly established AI department may bring new growth opportunities and competitive advantages to the company, but there are also certain risks and uncertainties. This move may cause social concern and discussion on ByteDance's strategic adjustment and future development direction.

2. Byte large model products went out to sea first, and ChitChop was launched.

On November 29th, Byte launched a large model product called ChitChop overseas. The development and operation company is POLIGON, and its overseas social product Helo is also operated by this company. At present, it has launched an independent APP and a web version. It is reported that ChitChop is an artificial intelligence assistant tool, which can provide users with up to 200+ intelligent robot services, and serve users' work and life by providing creative inspiration and improving work efficiency.

Short comments on future business:The news that the big-byte model product first went out to sea shows the active exploration and development of bytes in the field of artificial intelligence. ChitChop, as an artificial intelligence assistant tool, provides users with a variety of intelligent robot services, which will help improve work efficiency and quality of life. This move may provide new opportunities and growth points for the development of bytes in overseas markets.

2. Praise the white crow: gradually open up the research and development experience, codes and tools of open source technology.

On November 27th, at the 11th anniversary of Youzan's "Intelligent Operation" conference, the founder and CEO of Youzan, White Crow, announced five opening strategies of Youzan, which mentioned that more product design and technology research and development experiences, codes and tools will be gradually opened up to promote more colleagues to provide customers with a relatively consistent product experience. In addition, take the initiative to get through with peers for system information and data that are not related to legal issues and are needed by customers; In addition to the existing basic systems, new customer needs are given priority by partners and developers, and they must be given priority not to do it themselves.

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