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    The独家资讯 unified examination (provincial -level unified examination of art majors in art majors) is an important part of the general college admissions examination and the national education examination.All candidates who are identified as violating discipline and cheating in the provincial unified examination of art majors, and the college students and examination staff who organize or participate in illegal acts such as the test will be in accordance with the "National Education Examination Measures" (Order No. 33)The Interim Measures for the Temporary Measures for Admissions illegal Acts for Admissions of General Universities (Dollaries No. 36) and relevant regulations will be seriously handled and will never be tolerated; if a crime constitutes a crime, it will be transferred to the public security organs to deal with it in accordance with the law.

Case review

    Since 2015, the provincial -level unified examinations of the art majors in our province have investigated and dealt with 38 tests and illegal acts.Nine of them were held criminally responsible, three candidates were suspended for three years, and five candidates were suspended for one year. 27 were canceled the scores of art majors and college entrance examinations.

Relevant laws and regulations

    "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China"

    Article 284 [Crime of illegal use of eavesdropping, stealing dedicated equipment] illegal use of eavesdropping and special equipment for the use of theft, causing serious consequences, sentenced to less than two years in prison, detention or control.

    Article 284 [Organization examination cheating] In the national examination stipulated in the law, if the cheating is organized, it will be imprisoned or detained for more than three years, and a fine of the fines; if the circumstances are seriousThe above seven years will be sentenced to imprisonment and a fine.

    If you provide cheating equipment or other help for others to implement the previous paragraph of crimes, punishment shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph.

    [Illegal sale, providing test questions, answers] In order to implement cheating in the examination, illegally sell or provide the test questions and answers provided by others or provide the first paragraph.

    [Replacement of the exam] Instead of others or allowing others to take the test specified in the first paragraph, it is detained or controlled, and a fine or a single fine.

    "Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on the application of criminal cases such as organizing the organization of examinations for examinations" (shall be implemented from September 4, 2019)

    Article 3 Paragraph 1 has a safety management measure to avoid or break through the test room to prevent cheating, obtain, record, transmit, receive, receive, storage test questions, answer and other functions, tools, etc., as well as procedures and tools for cheating.It should be identified as the "cheating equipment" stipulated in Article 284 of the Criminal Law.

    Article 6 In order to implement cheating in the exam, illegally sell or provide the test questions and answers to the national examinations provided by others or provide legal requirements. The test questions are incomplete or the answers are inconsistent with the standard answers.Essence

    Article 7 Paragraph 1 instead of other people or let others take the national examination stipulated by themselves, shall be convicted and punished in accordance with the provisions of Article 284 of the Criminal Law.

    Article 9 illegally obtains the test questions and answers of the national examinations stipulated by theft, stabbing, and buying methods.In the Article 84, the crime of illegal obtaining national secrets and the crime of cheating or illegal sale, providing test questions, and answering crimes are punished and punished.

Important reminder

    The Provincial Education Examination Institute reminds all candidates who participate in the provincial unified examination of the 2024 art class:

    Make a vigilance and distinguish rumorsEssenceAs a national education examination, the provincial unified examination of art majors, adherence to the fair and fair bottom line, there is no so -called "operation space".Please believe that there are no shortcuts on the road to success, take the initiative to refuse the unscrupulous institutions and personnel to encourage the challenge to seduce, do not believe in rumors, do not pass the rumors, learn about the authoritative information of the examination from regular channels, beware of being deceived.Chance.

    Integrity should be examined, stay away from cheatingEssenceProvincial Unified Examination Prevention of Arts Professional Classcell phoneThe cheating strength and measures are comprehensively subject to the examination of the college entrance examination. The "intelligent security check door" will be fully covered and "two security checks".cell phoneWait for wireless communication equipment to bring to the examination room.You can not try the method, don't try to take itcell phoneTake the test site, do not shoot test questions in the examination room, consciously abide by the test discipline, and really achieve your university dream with integrity.

    Pay attention to protection and avoid infection.At present, it is a period of high incidence of respiratory diseases in winter, and a variety of pathogens are superimposed.Candidates are requested to persist in the hygiene habits of wearing masks, more ventilation, and hard -working hands, and go to the crowd to gather places, maintain social distance, avoid cross -infection, and be the first responsible person of their health.

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