Summary on the 26th: Golden Yuting, the first three gold king broadcast articles in the history of e -sports

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Sports Weekly All Media Special Reporter Wang Quanli

On September 26,high speed information the Hangzhou Asian Games staged the third gold medal day battle. The Chinese delegation maintained a strong golden momentum and won 14 championships throughout the day to further expand its leading advantage in the gold medal list.

The first gold medal in the e -sports project was born that night.In the finals of King Glory (Asian Games), the Chinese team defeated Malaysia 2-0 and won the first e -sports gold medal in the history of the Asian Games.

The first three gold kings were born in the Hangzhou Asian Games. The 17 -year -old Chinese rookie Huang Yuting and his teammate Sheng Li Hao co -won the championship of the mixed group 10 -meter gas rifle competition.Earlier, Huang Yuting received the gold medal of the women's personal and group, so she completed the good show of the Hangzhou Asian Games gold medal "hat scene".Indonesia and South Korean players won men's 10m mobile target hybrid individuals and group champions.

The Bichi War was the focus of the day, and a total of 6 gold medals were decided on the day.Hong Kong, a famous Hong Kong player He Shibei, visited a 52 -second Asian record and won the championship in the women's 100m freestyle finals.The Japanese swimming team, which did not win 1 championship on the first two games, finally broke the gold medal shortage. The multi -light won 4 minutes and 11 seconds.Chinese player Peng Xuwei won the women's 200 -meter backstroke championship with a score of 2 minutes and 07 seconds, and her victory set off a new round of gold win for the Chinese legion.Fei Liwei then took the lead in the men's 1500 -meter free swimming final.In the women's 400 -meter freestyle final, Li Bingjie won the gold medal and refresh the Asian Games record with a score of 4 minutes, 1 second and 96.The men's 4 × 100 -meter hybrid swimming finals are the scene of the swimming arena. The wonderful duel will introduce the atmosphere of the stadium to the climax.A new Asian record of seconds 01.

Guoping played Kaige in the women's group and men's group finals, defeating the Japanese women's and Korean men's teams with a 3: 0 score of 3: 0, and realized the Women's Group of the Asian Games five consecutive championships and the men's team.Winning the Asian Games team champion.Seven -person rugby win the victory, and the Chinese Hong Kong team and the Chinese team laughed at the end in the men's group and the women's group.

The Chinese men's volleyball team impacted the Asian Games gold medal, and the finals lost 1 to 3 to the Iranian team.A silver medal is also gratifying to be defeated. This is the first time that the Chinese men's volleyball team won the Asian Games medal after 17 years.10 months later, can the Paris Olympic Games see the long -lost figure of the Chinese men's volleyball team?

The two gold medals were shared by the Japanese team and the Chinese team.The gymnastics are staged a men's personal all -around war. After 6 rounds of war, the champion Zhang Boheng won the championship with 89.299 in the 2021 World Championships, and crowned the Asian Games gymnastics "Wang Zhongwang".The fencing competition decided the last two gold medals in the individual competition. South Korean player Yin Zhixiu and Japanese player Ghana Honghui won the gold medal of women's swords and men's swordsmanship.Equestrian competition was determined by the first gold medal, and the Indian team won the top champion of the dressing dance team.The Taekwondo stadium decided 3 gold, and the Chinese star Luo Zongshi harvested the women's 57 kg gold medal.Martial arts produced two championships, and Chinese player Chen Huiying won the gold medal of the Women's South Knife Project.The gold medal of some Judo -level was also generated on the day.

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