Music dynamic, enjoy the fashion taste broadcast article of sports bone conduction headphones

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~~~~~~ Yongyuan Y9 genuine product,high speed information purchase ~~~~~~~

In recent years, Bone Chuan Headphones has become the first choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts due to its comfort, dry and dry, and unobstructed external perception.The Y9 bone conduction (swimming) headset launched by Yongyuan is the star product in this series.This headset uses a classic samurai black color, with excellent call pickup effect and high -quality texture.The appearance is unique, simple and stylish, and the design is exquisite and practical.More importantly, it has the function of IPX8 waterproof sweat and anti -sweat, allowing you to swim and shower without worrying about moisture damage.The Y9 headset is also equipped with a double microphone and DSP algorithm, which effectively reduces the impact of external noise on sound quality, allowing you to enjoy the three -dimensional plump sound effects.In addition, it is incorporated into Yongyuan Yueyin's efficient vibration and enjoying quiet leakage technology 3.0, greatly improving the sound quality, making music more spacious and rhythm.It is also surprising that this headset uses a magnetic charging cable. The 280mAh large -capacity battery can be used for about 13 hours at a time.The Yongyuan Y9 bone conduction sports headphones not only have convenient operations and excellent functions, but also incorporate a novel and stylish design, allowing you not only to enjoy wonderful music in sports, but also show your personal fashion taste.


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