Lithium Carbonate Weekly: The excess supply is still there, and the price fluctuations are intensified

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  From the perspective of the supply side,hot news the production capacity of lithium ore and lithium -salt enterprises has increased more, the amount of lithium ore from Africa continues to increase steadily, the supply of lithium ore raw materials in Africa and America has supplemented, South American lithium salt production continues to release, and the overall supply side is excess definitation.Strong.The pricing model of Australia's ore ending is modified to M+1 for valuation. The new pricing model has made the price trend of ore prices and lithium carbonate more synchronized, and the cost support weakens.From the perspective of demand, the midstream power battery link is still in the destruction stage, and the downstream production continues the weak performance. The positive pole material maintains just needed procurement.After adjusting the pricing mechanism in Australia, the import of lithium concentrate and lithium carbonate supplement the supply of supply, and the overcurrent situation is relatively certain.The linkage of the current price of the delivery period is increasing, and the foundation difference will further converge. The departure of the huge amount of delivery and holding the position will increase the market. It is recommended to chase cautiously in operation. It is recommended to continue to pay attention to the change of warehouse receipt registration and holding positions.

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