The Ministerial Conference of UN peacekeeping issues aims to obtain political support to strengthen action

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Starting on December 5,hot topic the United Nations Ministerial Conference on peacekeeping issues in 2023 will be held in Akla.The two -day meeting aims to obtain vital political support and practical commitments, promote the reform of the "promoting peace with action" initiative and "promoting the maintenance of the maintenance with++" strategic framework, and then strengthen the peacekeeping efforts of the United Nations, so thatCopy the current and future challenges and needs.


This year, the United Nations' challenges in peacekeeping and political communities in Africa, including the request of the Mali Military Government to withdraw from the MINUSMA, and the Monusco Group.The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo said in September this year that he hopes that peacekeepers will start the withdrawal plan early by the end of December.

Just last week, the Security Council also made a decision to terminate the task of comprehensive assistance groups during the Sudan transition period from December 3.In November, the Sudan government also requested the evacuation of the political special group.

Support and commitment

The deputy secretary -general of the United Nations executive Lakruva, who maintains peaceful actions, said: "In the final analysis, peacekeeping is a political effort. Our goal is to help all parties reach and implement the peace agreement and related processes.If the world is successful, we need the consistent and positive participation of the member states. "

He also pointed out that in the face of unprecedented challenges and threats, the ministerial conference can provide an important opportunity to allow member states to express support and make commitments to strengthen the effectiveness of peacekeeping operations.

This flagship activity co -sponsored by the United Nations and Ghana is the fifth ministerial meeting on peacekeeping issues, and it is also the first ministerial meeting held in the African continent.

Promote sustainable peace

The meeting will focus on key issues such as promoting sustainable peace, protecting civilians, strategic communication, and improving the safety and mental health of peacekeeping personnel.

Member states and the United Nations will also work together to improve the environmental governance of peaceful actions, and deploy more female peacekeepers to ensure that the actions are more diverse and inclusive.

As part of the United States Harmony Special Regiment, Ghana female peacekeepers have been deployed to Lebanon.

Hyundai Action "indispensable"

Ghana Diplomacy and Regional Integration Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey said that since the 1960s, Ghana has been dispatched to peacekeeping operations and police officers; in Africa, peacekeeping operations have also achieved long -term and positive results.

She emphasized that Ghana believes that the United Nations peacekeeping operations still have prospects; in the background of conflict at the global level, peacekeeping operations still have indispensable and inestimable value for advancing peace.

She added: "Therefore, the world should still be firmly committed to defending this multilateral tools and fully supported the UN Secretary -General's" Action to promote the maintenance and 'and' to promote the maintenance and+'.The effectiveness of modern peacekeeping and the safety challenge to deal with today's era. "

Help the special group execute the task

Since 2014, a series of national heads of state, government heads and ministerial activities have been held around the UN peacekeeping issue, including the ministerial meeting held in Seoul, South Korea in 2021.

In the past, previous ministerial meetings contributed to helping the peacekeeping special groups to fully implement their tasks, including the establishment of military units that can be quickly deployed, providing key aviation assets, building better medical capabilities, and promoting women's, peaceful and security agenda.

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