Listening to the reader: What is architecture?

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ArchDaily continues to re -understand the exploration of contemporary architecture, tap different ideas, and discuss four basic questions with readers: "What is architecture? What can architecture do? What role do you play in architecture? What is your design method?? "We have collected about 200 views from all over the world. Most of these views are complementary and can show the general understanding of the public's role and essence of architecture.

We cooperate with WIA and communicate and share with 16 famous architects, such as Ortina Dick, Snøhetta's Kretiel Solsen, Peter Cook, Anna Hermins, Yona EffortLedman, Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, Liam & Bull; Yang, and Wolf De Puriels in the Blue Sky Group, etc., this article focuses on "What is architecture?"

We collected 40 best answers for the first basic question, "What is architecture?"Please continue to pay attention to our reports on the remaining topics.

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1-Architects is between three related fields: art, science and engineering. 

2-The material of life!Architecture is closely related to our soul and life; even if you are not an architect, you are in contact with it. 

3-The design object of architecture is a complex, including cultural and political issues. 

4-Scientific art with perfect space to accurately respond to any functional problems related to human activities and culture. 

5-Architecture is everything: the relics of history and culture; design and engineering demonstration; cities and natural landscapes; social lifestyle. 

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6-Architecture is a designed environment, where human nature and culture and nature are harmonious. 

7-Architecture enriches people's lifestyle through design art and daily space. 

8-Architecture is a container that accommodates a variety of narrative forms. 

9-Architecture is essentially an expression of human relations between people and the surrounding world. It is a response to spirit, material, individual, social needs and dreams. 

10-Treatment of Treatment of Architecture.The importance is that since human beings settle, it has penetrated human research activities. 

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11-Construction transforms ideas into space.It is a medium. 

12-Architecture assumes social responsibility by expressing personal creativity. 

13-Architecture is the development of the environment, involving the synergy of characters, cities, atmosphere and environment. 

14-Architecture is the art of observing the world and its details.It is a description of our own responsibility, awareness and consciousness. 

15-Architecture is a reflection of society. 

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16-Architecture is a spatial manifestation of human contact. 

17-Architecture was built by humans to praise themselves, environment, career and culture. 

18-architecture is a manifestation of the collisions of two opposing forces, such as solid and void, light and darkness. It is presented through artistic and thoughtful design. 

19- The architecture shaped our behavior and inspired our dreams.This is human nature. 

20-Architecture is the art and science of asylum.

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21-architecture is a means to modify a limited world to satisfy the unlimited world of human mind. 

22-architecture is a canvas for life. 

23-Architecture is a relationship! The relationship between materials, objects, quality, and space is created and intertwined.

24-architecture is a purposeful creative behavior.

25-Architecture is an art of building design after careful consideration.

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26-Based on architecture and people's lifestyle, architecture creates a well-designed functional environment.

27-architecture is subjective.Everyone's understanding is different.For me, architectural representatives are free to express and accept.

28-architecture is a collection of a series of processes, which carries the process of life, and will change over time.

29-Architecture is the best thing we can produce in this world.Not only about structure and design, but also about life.

30-architecture is an art that transforms concepts into reality. It meets people who meet the surrounding environment.

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31-architecture is the practice of manipulating space.

32-architecture is not only design space and structure, but also creates them to enhance people's experience.

33-architecture is the art and science of space.

34-Architectural response cultural heritage, social progress, local economy and people's identity.

35-The environment and space around the construction organization, promote interpersonal communication, and establish social relations.

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36-Architecture is a major that observes society and the environment and responds to social needs through art and engineering.

37-Architecture search method to plan, build and develop venues, while reducing the impact on the environment.

38-Constant changes.But I personally think that this is the mapping of individuals in specific spaces and buildings, and the building helps us express.

39-Architecture provides people with a performance opportunity for people to share their dreams.This is a microcosm of self -expression.

The definition of 40-Vitruway a few centuries ago is still applicable: arch.That is, practical, solid, and beautiful.

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