The five key points of the Republican preliminary selection of the first debate

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A assistance to Ukraine,爆炸新闻 the right to abortion, and the legal dilemma of the former US President Donald Trump: In the first debate of the 2024 American election season, eight Republican presidential candidates conflicted on a series of issues.

On Wednesday night, candidates were on the stage in Milwauki, Wisconsin, hoping to weaken Trump's absolute leading advantage in the Republican nomination campaign.

Because the former president was absent from the debate, but sat down to be interviewed by the conservative host Tucker Carlson, this debate provided Trump's challenger with an opportunity to try to attract millions of votersEssence

But Niaby Carter, deputy professor of the School of Public Policy of the University of Maryland, told Peninsula TV that Trump "has a great influence although he has not participated in the debate."

The White House hopes criticized the records of the US President Joe Bayeng and conducted fierce exchanges on domestic issues such as U.S. assistance to Ukraine, as well as domestic issues such as public safety, abortion, education, and the US economy.

The following is the five key points of the Republican primary first debate:

Vivek Ramaswamy is an entrepreneur without any political experience. By advertising himself as a Trump -style politician outsider, Ramaswami is becoming more and more suffering in the Republican nomination campaign.welcome.

Ramaswami asked everyone to know his existence in the debate and conducted several fierce exchanges with his Republican colleagues.

Ramaswami and former US Vice President Mike Pence had a positive confrontation that night. Burns said, "It's not the time for job training", and Pence calls Ramaswami the "rookie".

At the same time, Ramaswami countered a counterattack, attacking his so -called "professional politicians" and "super political action committee" -the so -called political action committee that provided funds for various political movements in the United States.

Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie also criticized Ramaswami, because Ramaswami said that he believed that "the climate change agenda is a scam." Christie said, "I have enough tonight,A guy who sounds like ChatGPT stands here. "

Ramaswami promised that if he was elected, he would reduce government bureaucratic agencies and said that he would close the "administrative country" and eliminate the law enforcement officers of the Federal Investigation Agency to other government departments to eliminate the FBI.

In the opening white of the debate, Ramaswami said, "First of all, let me answer a question that everyone is thinking tonight:" Who is this interesting thin guy of this surname?What is he doing during this debate?"

Ramaswami added that "it will need an outsider" to lead the Republican Party.

Candidates also conflicted with Trump's criminal cases and their support for the former president.

Trump faces four separate prosecutions -involving interference election allegations, accusing him of handling the secret government documents, and paying a sealing fee to porn star -and his legal dilemma is particularly prominent in the Republican nomination campaign.

Trump's firm critic, Christie, talked about the behavior of the former president in the debate, "Someone must stop this behavior normally."

This caused Ramaswami to respond, and he accused Christie of launching a "revenge and dissatisfaction" movement on Trump.

In the later period of debate, except for the two candidates, Christie and former Governor of Arkansas, all candidates, all candidates said that even if Trump was convicted in his criminal case, they would still be guilty, and they would still be still guilty.Support Trump as a Republican candidate.

Ramaswim is even more. He promised that if he was elected president, he would forgive Trump and called on others to make the same promise with him.

It is not surprising that many candidates have criticized Biden and their government policies.

Ron De Setis, Governor of Florida, was widely considered to be Trump's main challenger in the Republican nomination campaign -said that the country is "declining" due to Biden's economic policy.

"This decline is not inevitable. This is a choice. We need to send Joe Biden back to his basement and reverse the decline of the United States."Increase US energy output.

Governor Douge Bulgom, Governor of North Dakota, also blamed the public's anger on the soaring inflation on Biden. Bulgom said, "Our economy is being hit by Biden Energy Policy.The cost of breeding products, not just the cost of gasoline. "

Other Republican candidates also criticized Democratic officials on various issues such as public safety and immigration.

"In the past five years, Democrats have been talking about cancellation of funding for police. We should fund law enforcement departments, especially in our major cities."

Since last year, the Supreme Court of the United States has overturned the abortion rights stipulated in the Constitution, this problem has been the political fatigue weakness of the Republican Party. Police investigations and campaign have shown that most Americans oppose further restrictions on maternity rights.

Nonetheless, the Republican foundation still opposes abortion to a large extent, which means that Republican candidates will face a difficult task, that is, attracting these supporters during the early selection of 2024, and at the same time not to alienate more extensive American voters.

De Santis -one of the strictest abortion laws in Florida as the governor -avoided a question in the debate, that is, if he was elected, would he promote the prohibition of abortion procedures at the federal level.

He said, "I know that Wisconsin will take different practices from Texas. I know that Iowa and New Hampshire will take different practices, but I will support the living cause of governor and president."

The former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Nichee called for a "consensus" on abortion issues, and her position is gentle than most Republican members.

Although she expressed opposition to late abortion, she said that people should respect each other on this issue.

Nikki Heili said, "Can we not agree to take contraceptive measures? Can we not agree that if a woman abortion, will we not send her to prison or sentence her to death?"

Foreign policy has always been the main source of the Republican division. The Republican Party has both tough isolatedists and firm interventionists. In recent months, this difference has been fully demonstrated in the United States' support for Ukraine.

In the debate, Ramaswami opposed the United States to continue to fund Ukraine's war against Russia's invasion.

Ramaswami said that Washington should not spend resources to resist the invasion of crossing the "border of other countries", but should use these funds to protect the country's own southern border -here refers to a large number of asylums to seek protection.

Heili violently attacked Ramaswami's remarks, accusing him of choosing Russian President Vladimir Putin, who called Putin as a "murderer", not an American allies.

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