Architectural design | Recommended 10 major architectural design websites that do not miss!

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Buildings need to create products suitable for human life according to certain scientific evidence and aesthetics

Today,high speed information the small bran recommends the 10 major architectural design websites for the students, and is classified in turn as: architectural case information, inspiration, knowledge base, design ideas, and work sets

Not much to say and see the following recommendations

Architectural case information

1. ArchDaily

English version official website homepage

Chinese version official website homepage

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ArchDaily claims to be the most popular architect in history ~

First of all, it may be seen from the logo that it is a simple epitome of a building, and the blue and black color is simple and practical.The typesetting of the webpage is clean and neat, like a stone brick connected on the wall, which is very architectural.

Browse the information in the station, all kinds of international cases to enrich your vision, from architecture events to information news, fully satisfy your curiosity about the construction industry information, which also shows that in so many construction websites, it can stand out and become the browsing rate.The highest website is.

2. Architizer

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The world's largest architect exchange community is hailed as "Facebook of architects" by New York Times. It is a architectural platform that leads the architectural style.

The A+ Awards Award, known as Oscar in the architectural industry, is held by the Architizer website and is one of the most influential architectural design awards.


1. Elcroquis

El Croquis. Editorial de Arquitectura, Construcción y diseño.

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The website was initially the Spanish Architectural Magazine [EI CROQUIES] Fernando Marquez Cecilia and Richard Levene (founder), with a high degree of sharpness, and professional perspectives, it deeply tapped a number of unpopular young architects.It is the ideological leader and cutting -edge airband in the field of Western architectural design.

2. Domus


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The world -renowned architectural design magazine involves the world's most influential architectural cases.In 2006, the magazine established [Domus International Chinese Version] in Beijing, which integrates Asian resources to a large extent, and has become a platform for Chinese and Western architectural and cultural exchanges.

knowledge base


German interior design

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The interior design and space design, the exquisite and beautiful interior design works, show the relationship between people and the building space more perfectly in front of users.Including various interior design works, it is suitable for students to collect as materials when learning.

2.IARCH specialization

Special Construction Network is an interactive community for the pioneer of young construction industry, involving majors in the landscape garden rooms and other majors of building planning.

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For different audiences, different sections are divided.Most of the young construction industry pioneers are the main users, including professional forums and capacity sharing of the construction industry.It is very suitable for employees involved in the construction industry ~

Design ideas

1. Divisare

The tone of this interface causes the user's extremely comfortable, I can't help but want to continue to browse

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The webpage interface is simple and clear, without advertising (emphasized)!The architectural works are divided into meticulous: from the place, function, material, color, and the most concerned design ideas for students, which are all available (it is completely rejected).According to the classification, you can search for cases that meet the requirements in seconds in seconds, and the quality is also very secure ~


Architecture Competitions, Events & News

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The main station is mainly based on sharing the information of the event, and has a complete excellent case introduction. Not only that, the designer's design ideas and drawings will also be displayed (at this moment Xiaobian has a little bit of snacks!)

For students who want to participate in the event and enrich their experience, you must pay attention to it



The homepage uses the designer's work as the background, which is very attractive to users. The simple navigation bar does not affect the user's perception.The main tone of the entire website is very clear.

Works of different architectural styles can be browsed on this website

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There are a lot of foreign architectural students in the site of students.Different styles and the ideas of the horse are more abundant to the students' ideas.It also covers an exclusive interview with designers, which is very valuable.


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The website with the largest number of design works, covering Portfolio of each professional.If you are preparing for the collection of construction works, you may wish to open this website.

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