Three possibilities are about everything you need to know about the election crisis of the American House of Representatives

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Due to the unable to choose a new speaker,一刻资讯 the U.S. House of Representatives delayed the meeting for the third consecutive night on Thursday.

Voting attempts (after 11 rounds of voting) ended with any candidate failed to get a majority of votes from the 218 representatives of 435 members. At the same time, 20 Republican members insist on not voting to their party candidate Kevin McCarthy,So far, the Republican candidate has not been supported by more than 203 colleagues.

This is the second House of Representatives in American history that failed to choose a speaker. 100 years ago, Congress failed to choose the Speaker of the House of Representatives. At that time, Frederick Gillette won the position of the House of Representatives after 9 rounds of voting.

If there is no parliament, the House of Representatives will be paralyzed and cannot carry out any activities.

It is unclear whether there are any prospects to solve the crisis created for themselves after gaining a weak majority. After the election in the middle of last November, Republicans won 223 seats, while the Democratic Party won 212 seats.

In the question and answer, Peninsula TV introduced all aspects of the current crisis related to the election of the House of Representatives.

There are 19 to 25 Republican lawmakers who do not want Kevin McCarthy to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Previously, McCarthy had served as the Republican leader for four years in the House of Representatives.Hard stance on McCarthy.

Matt Gates -he is one of the opposition members of McCarthy. These opponents have formed the "Never Kevin" organization -claiming that he is a "desperate person" and said that his requests have his requestsIt is very simple, that is, "McCarthy withdraws from the campaign".

Republicans who support McCarthy call the opponents of McCarthy as "enemies", "narcissists", and even "Republican Taliban".

These Republican councilors belong to the House of Liberty League, the right and most conservative group of Republicans.

The group was born in the tea party movement in early 2010, which is a trend of the Right Wing of the Republican Party. This trend has previously been challenged by the Republican House of Representatives Speaker John Bona.

However, the campaign of nearly 50 members has disagreed with McCarthy. Some of them, such as members of the Representatives, and MP, Macaoli Taylor Green, support the qualifications of McCarthy candidates.

In November last year, McCarthy won the House of Republican Speaker Nomination at a secret meeting, and 30 Republicans voted against it.

By December, a group of 5 members appeared. They adopted the principle of "Never Kaen".Bob Gurode in Virginia, Matt Rosendele in Montana, and Ralf Norman in South Carolina, who are nominated for McCarthy as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Republican opponents pointed out that McCarthy and the United States' policy "quagmire" in the Washington Special Administrative Region were closely alliance. Trump had repeatedly accused Republican elites in the past and accused McCarthy accusing McCarthy's rarely in changing the issue of Washington's governance.

So far, the support of the former President Donald Trump's nomination of Kevin McCarthy is not enough to change the position of these members.

This group requires several legislative measures within the scope of the power of the Speaker, including the legislative method controlled by the lecturer or the person in charge of the special committee, especially on the issue of budget and federal financial allocation.

Opponents also called for changes to change the request to make a mechanism for non -trust voting for the Speaker, and the minimum requirements are limited to the application for a member of the member.

At the same time, the opponents also tried to obtain various concessions in exchange for their support, including the promise to vote for the laws involving Congress's term restrictions and border security, and asked to get a quota in the appointment of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Basically there are three possibilities:

The first case: Kevin McCarthy won

Kevin McCarthy's current strategy seems to be a war consumption, because his supporters continue to include his name on the list of candidates, until the opponent is tired of voting to oppose him. In this caseIf changes are changed, repeated attempts so that they know what the opponents want.

On Wednesday and Thursday night, McCarthy made a number of concessions, including promising to appoint an opponent to join the influential rules committee.The threshold for the dismissal was reduced to just one member of the House of Representatives.

Although these proposals may be enough to change the position of some opponents, it seems not enough to change the position of many members of the parliament, which is not enough to allow McCarthy's supporters to get 218 votes required to win the position of Speaker.

McCarthy hopes that his concession will increase the pressure of the opponent and appease the neutral person to support him. These neutralists are becoming more and more disappointed with the persistent deadlock.

The ultimate challenge is that if McCarthy wins, the concessions will weaken his control of power, which increases the possibility of being impeached when the budget issue and the upper limit of debt were raised later this year.

McCarthy also hopes that the Democrats are tired of the struggle, stopped supporting their House leader Hakim Jeffris, and supported McCarthy to end this ridiculous behavior. So far, the Democrats seem to be enjoying the confusion between Republicans.Essence

The second case: Kevin McCarthy surrenders, and nominated another Republican party

After trying to elect his failure within 3 days, he cannot exclude the possibility of McCarthy to choose to surrender and no longer continue to fight. Republicans who currently support McCarthy may decide to give the Republican tough faction and change the candidate for the House of Representatives.

Steve Scarlis, a member of Louisiana, is the second candidate in the leadership of the House of Representatives. He may be the best choice for candidates for conservative hardliners and other Republicans of the House of Representatives to acceptHowever, the biggest obstacle at present is that Scarlis is unwilling to hold the position because he does not openly express this desire.

Other possibilities include GM Jordan, a member of the Ohio, who is the new chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives. However, both Scaritis and Jordan seem to be unable to unite the entire party to vote.

The third situation: Republican and Democrats reached consensus on consensus candidates

In similar cases, the Democrats and Republicans of the Local House of Ohio held a meeting on Tuesday to reject right -wing candidates and choose a gentle consensus candidate. Many experts talked about this alternative.

With the dilemma of McCarthy's dilemma in recent days, some of his supporters will use this as a warning to conservative hardliners, that is, they must support McCarthy, otherwise they will be used by Democrats.

Tang Yobeng, a gentle Republican member from Nebraska, said earlier that if McCarthy fails, he is willing to cooperate with Democrats to choose the Speaker as a compromise plan, but some people believe that in the Republican and DemocratsThis is impossible to occur when there is extreme bipolar differentiation.

There is no constitutional provision of the House of Speaker's election time framework. It is unclear how long the McCarthy can continue to negotiate. No matter how this crisis end, the Republican hardliners are stronger and bolder than ever.

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