People's Daily Comment: Do not forget national shame, realize the dream of dreaming in China with actual actions

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On the occasion of the National Public Sacrifice Day of the Tenth Nanjing Massacre,hot news the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre of the Chinese invaders announced the historical materials of the new cultural relics in 2023.These historical materials once again announced that the Nanjing Massacre Certificate is like mountains and not to be tampered with. It also reminds us that we have never forgotten and the future.

This is a scar that the Chinese nation is always difficult to smooth, and it is a history that everyone with conscience should not forget.On December 13, 86 years ago, the Japanese invaders invaded Nanjing, and 300,000 livelihoods were killed, leaving the darkest page in the history of human civilization.What does 300,000 mean?This is not a cold number, but a lively life after another, which means that there is a compatriot in that six weeks of the catastrophe on average every 12 seconds, which means that the rupture of countless families and the survivors cannot forget.The pain of life.Forget history is equal to betrayal, and we should not forget the serious crimes committed by the invaders at any time.This painful and sad scar is always alert to future generations: don't forget the national shame, and our generation to improve.

Every deep memory is the awakening of national memory. Every solemn commemorative commemoration is an inspiration to the spirit of struggle.Today, it is far away from the years of warfire smoke, bidding farewell to the history of the slaughter of others, and the Chinese nation ushered in a great leap from standing up, getting rich to getting stronger.The mirror of historical mirrors often wipes, no matter how far away, you can't forget the past.In the past 10 years since the establishment of the National Public Festival, it has learned the history of historical lessons and inspiring forgiving in memory of history, and inherited the blood nature of the nation born in the description of death and death in the description of generations.Forgot to humiliate and protect peace, we brought together the puppet power of China with actual actions.

"Yongya Fuki, pray for peace", the inscription engraved on the Nanjing Massacre of the victims of the victims of the victims of the victims of the victims of the victims of the victims of the victims of the victims of the victims of the victims, conveying the sincere wishes of the Chinese people's pursuit of peace and longing for peace.Chinese civilization has outstanding peace. This is the profound accumulation of thousands of years of civilization inheritance. It is a profound inspiration from the history of modern suffering. Chinese -style modernization is the modernization of peaceful development.It is a firm choice for the contemporary Chinese people to achieve modern times.Remember that history is not to continue hatred, but to evoke every kind people's longing and persistence of peace.The history of the suffering of the Nanjing Massacre tells us that peace needs to fight, and peace needs to be maintained."Only everyone cherishes peace and maintain peace. Only everyone remembers the painful lessons of war. Peace is hopeful."

With actual actions, China needs to enhance the courage of pioneering."Forty thousands of people are lingering, and they have a good deed." Looking back at the history of suffering, the Chinese people have never succumbed to the caught knives of the invaders., Classed with flesh and blood to resist invading the Great Wall of Iron and Steel.Today, it is a pioneering cause of the construction of a strong country with a comprehensive promotion of a strong country and a great cause of national rejuvenation.Faced with the windy storm that can be foreseeable and unpredictable on the road, in order to determine that the green mountains are not relaxed, we must do our own affairs, and promote the party and the people's cause with the responsibility of "although there are millions of people", so as to "The more difficult and danger, the more difficult and dangerous obstacles to defeat all the difficulties and dangers, which will definitely be able to firmly control the fate of China's development and progress in its own hands.

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