Panzhou People's Court launched the "12.4" Constitution Day series activities

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On December 4,特快资讯 the Panzhou People's Court launched the "12.4" constitutional day series to promote the spirit of the Constitution and enhance the rule of law.

In the morning, the "12.4" constitutional oath was carried out. The party secretary and dean Luo Jing received an oath. All police officers raised their right hand solemnly: "I swore: loyal to the" Constitution of the People's Republic of China ", maintain constitutional authority, and fulfill legal duties ...Strive for the construction of rich, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious, and beautiful socialist modernization! "

In the afternoon, Panzhou People's Court Organization police officers went to Shengjing Plaza to participate in the Constitution's centralized publicity activities.Various publicity materials such as evil, sources of complaints, dedication, anti -fraud and anti -fraud.Promote the importance of the Constitution to the masses, promote the key work of the courts such as the governance of the source of complaints, dedication governance, and the creation of the "Maple Bridge" court to consult the masses' opinions and suggestions on the court's work.

The Panzhou People's Court actively participated in the publicity of the rule of law, vigorously promoted various types of publicity activities such as the legal entry of communities, villages, and campuses, continuously enhanced the consciousness and concept of the rule of law in the masses, and guided all people to be loyal and advocates of socialist rule of law., Consciously obey, firm defender, and strive to make the law of law and law in the whole society.

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