Our city holds a special press conference on the construction of ecological civilization

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On the morning of December 8th,一线资讯 the city held a special press conference on the construction of ecological civilization construction. The ecological environment, development and reform, scriptures, natural resources and other departments introduced the work of the city's ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection at the press conference.Answer the questions from media reporters on related questions.

In recent years, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have always adhered to the comprehensive implementation of a series of decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government on the construction of ecological civilization. It has promoted the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection at high standards and high -quality ecological environment.In 2022, the average PM2.5 concentration of PM2.5 in Deyang City was 34.9 micrograms/cubic meter, which was the first time since the PM2.5 index monitoring was launched in 2014.From January to October 2023, the concentration of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the city decreased significantly compared with the same period last year, and the decline ratio exceeded the average level of the province.In 2022, the water quality of the surface and provincial assessment of the surface of the surface was above the III category, and the excellent rate was 100%. The water quality improvement rate of the national examination section ranked first in the province.In the first 10 months of this year, the 14 broken water quality was excellent.The coverage rate of sewage treatment facilities in industrial parks at or above provincial and above reached 100%, the effective governance rate of domestic sewage in administrative villages reached 78.3%, and water quality at centralized drinking water sources at or above the county level reached 100%.The quality of the soil has remained stable.It has been selected as a key cities for the construction of the national domestic waste classification demonstration cities and the recycling system of waste materials, and this year it is included in the national "non -waste city" pilot construction list.The total discharge of major pollutants has been greatly reduced, environmental risks have been effectively controlled, the ability to govern the ecological environment has been significantly improved, and the people's sense of happiness is significantly enhanced.

In the construction of the "dual carbon" field, the city conscientiously implemented the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government on the carbon peak carbon neutralization series, and actively and steadily promoted the work of carbon peak carbon and carbon.Economic and social green transformation, orderly building a low -carbon transportation system, effectively improving the quality of green development in urban and rural construction, continuously strengthening green low -carbon technology support, effectively strengthening the construction of the green standard system, and achieved good phased effects.

In the construction of ecological civilization in the industrial field, our city has made every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and strive to build a modern industrial system with structure optimization, green low -carbon, and intensive efficiency, and achieve significant results.Energy utilization efficiency has been continuously improved, the green manufacturing system is gradually constructed, the industrial structure continues to optimize and upgrade, the comprehensive utilization level of resources is improved, and the source prevention and control capacity continues to strengthen.

Our city belongs to the key areas and ecological functional areas of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, water source conservation and ecological barrier construction. In recent years, our city has practiced the green concept of green, planting the ecological bottom, the city's forest area of 2.344 million mu, the forest coverage rate of 26.4%The forest accumulation was 15.08 million cubic meters.Build a firm ecological barrier, and coordinate the protection and repair of the integrated protection of mountains, forests, lakes, grass and sand.Explore the transformation of the "two mountains" and promote the high -quality development of forestry.The total area of the city's development forests with a total area of about 205,000 acres, and the total economic output value under the forest in 2022 was about 1.543 billion yuan.

At the press conference, the relevant heads of the ecological environment, development and reform, sutra, and natural resources department also govern the city's water resources, water environment, and water ecological coordination.What results have been achieved in the greening upgrade and transformation of key industries, and the current situation and protection of ancient trees in our city, etc., answered questions from media reporters.(Reporter Zhang Yan)

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