China Merchants Shekou continued to build "explosive" commercial landmarks in 2023

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Recently,real time news the Real Estate Research Research released the performance rankings of the 2023 housing enterprise.Under the in -depth adjustment of the industry, the differentiation of the top 100 housing enterprises has continued.Specifically, in 2023, the number of companies with a decreased cumulative performance in 2023 accounted for nearly 70%, of which 31 were decreased by more than 30%year -on -year.It is worth noting that under the market adjustment, some housing enterprises show strong toughness and repair capabilities, actively seize the opportunities of market windows, and promote sales to remove them.Among them, China Merchants Shekou (001979.SZ) focused on the core cities of the first and second -tier and second -tier lines with a steady step, and achieved the fifth sales of 293.63 billion yuan while reaching a large.

Behind the eye -catching performance is the business philosophy of China Merchants Shekou's pursuit of stable and high -quality development.China Merchants Shekou once stated that "the top five is not just a scale indicator, but more of profit, quality, benefits and transformation, operation, operation, income, quality and other dimensions." As the real estate industry enters the new stage of development, China Merchants ShekouMaintain strategic determination, adhere to the three major strategies of regional focusing, city deep cultivation, and comprehensive development, showing a stable foundation.

High -quality scale growth stems from the company's market insight.Taking Shanghai as an example, as early as 2017, China Merchants Shekou opened the "Return to Shanghai" strategy. The aggressive layout superimposed for many years of high quality and deep cultivation.The amount exceeded 74 billion yuan, and it has quietly settled in the local share.In the fourth round of soil auction held in December last year, China Merchants Shekou won the Pan Guanglu TOD plot with 4.595 billion, becoming the focus of the last soil auction in Shanghai in 2023.China Merchants Shekou has also become the "Double Materials Champion" in the Shanghai regional market: the number of land acquisition in the open market ranks first in Shanghai housing enterprises. According to Kerrine's data data, China Merchants Shekou sales in 2023 are 64.557 billion

Obviously, when the Chinese real estate market continued to bottom out in 2023, China Merchants Shekou had taken the lead in going out of the momentum of inverse growth.According to publicly disclosed sales data, from January to November 2023, China Merchants Shekou achieved a total of 10.943 million square meters, an increase of 14.17%year-on-year; the cumulative signing sales amount was 270.876 billion yuan, an increase of 8.35%year-on-year.

Strengthen refined management, and the development advantage is becoming more and more obvious

Under the background of the restructuring of the real estate industry, measuring the development and success of enterprises is not a single indicator, but a multi -dimensional reference standard.Whether in terms of sales scale, market value or soil reservoir, and product quality, China Merchants Shekou has become a benchmark for the industry. It can be upside down under the current situation. Thanks to its good operating model and the advantages of internal refined managementEssence

China Merchants Shekou adopts strategies such as "one city, one template", "one garden, one strategy", and "one format, one template". Through refined operating strategies, the granularity of the business operation is made.In recent years, China Merchants Shekou has continued to iterate management tools. Through refined management, it has improved the return level of each project. It has resolutely removed on the sales side, and management sinks accurately to heaven, managed the project, and promoted the comprehensive development of the company.

In 2023, China Merchants Shekou insisted on the large -scale growth of quality, continued to improve market insight, and took multiple measures to promote the exfoliation of inventory. Through the "one city, one template", continued to strengthen the management capabilities of the project trading, and the digital empowerment supervision can be developed.The company's investment and research, production research and customer research systems go hand in hand. The development business coordination system based on market and products is rapidly mature, and the full -chain connection from the location of site selection, project positioning, product customization to marketing is achieved.Getting continues to consolidate.During the reporting period, the company's new market projects have been actively feedback from the market, especially in the field of top luxury homes and quality improved products. The long -term accumulated word of mouth advantages has become thicker and stable.

New landmarks in many places "hot" open: "business up" drives consumption recovery

2023 is the year since China Merchants Shekou entered the business field. It has raised the most projects for the most projects. It has created new samples of differentiated commercial samples in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xiamen, Ningbo, Zhanjiang and other cities.

At the end of 2023, multiple commercial projects in China Merchants Shekou opened one after another, driving local consumption and commercial recovery.

On December 22, Zhanjiang China Merchants Garden City opened, with a brand signing rate of 98%, the first store of the region exceeded 40%, the first city brand reached 25, and over 32 brands won the western Guangdong region and Zhanjiang City's performance first.As a new commercial project of Zhanjiang CBD, Zhanjiang China Merchants Garden City presents the unique form of the "Toring Star" cruise in space. There is a marine theme space in the mall.It is embarrassed with this coastal city.Zhanjiang China Merchants Garden City is the core component of China Merchants Shekou and Zhanjiang City 1+N strategic cooperation.The project aims to create a high -end exquisite living field in Zhanjiang City, and unlocks the new lifestyle of the city with multiple scenes.

On December 22, Chongqing Changjiahui Shopping Park made a new appearance.The 1500 square meters of super light studio transformed into urban window, and the city landscape platform with the two rivers to light up the cover of the city.

Changjiahui is just the "corner of the iceberg" of the asset update and upgrade plan of China Merchants Shekou. In January 2024, Shenzhen Shekou China Merchants Garden City has also been rejuvenated. From the appearance, experience space to the brand format, it has made major breakthroughs.

On December 23, Hefei Shaoquan Sports Center Gymnasium opened.As a urban -level sports -themed commercial complex built by China Merchants Shekou Ding, Shaoquan Sports Center is positioned with a total volume of 120,000 square meters and a full -age sports center cluster to create a comprehensive gymnasium, outdoor sports park Changkong Park, and garden sports trendsThe theme block and the four major space of sports supporting business in the garden, which brings a new business experience with sports sports as the theme.

Shaoquan Sports Center Gymnasium is the innovative practice of China Merchants Shekou on the cultural track, exploring the development of the new era in the new era in the "X+Business" model.It not only provides high -quality sports facilities, but also incorporates commercial elements to create a unique and style integration new format.This innovation model not only meets the fitness needs of citizens, but also provides leisure consumption places, and will become a new benchmark for the development of urban cultural and sports industry complexes.

"X+Commercial" strategy to build a new landmark of the city: layout 32 city 70+ project

At present, China Merchants Shekou Commercial has deployed 32 cities nationwide, with more than 70 business projects, and a total commercial construction area of 7 million square meters.Super landmarks, many of the projects are still being upgraded in a new one, deeply cultivating the operation and asset -mounted operations and driven and driven, and constantly refresh the concept of urban landmarks.

From 2022 to 2023,China Merchants Shekou deeply cultivates the holding business and takes into account the light asset business. Guided by the "X+Commercial" strategy as the guidance, deeply cultivates the track, fuses diverse, and continuously explores differentiated competition strategies.Nearly 30%.

Following the opening of the opening of the city benchmark projects such as Qinhuxili Garden City, Chengdu Grand Cube China Merchants Garden City, and Xiamen Maritime World in 2022, China Merchants Shekou continued to work in 2023.During the National Day in 2023, the Double Flowers in the Xiamen Haicang Merchants Garden City and Ningbo Lazhou Garden were blew up.Haicang China Merchants Garden City has achieved a total of 210,000 passengers and sales of over 8 million yuan throughout the day; Puzhou Garden debuted at the 100%investment rate and 100%opening rate. 

On November 30, 2023, the opening of Shanghai Caolu Merchants Garden City opened to refresh the opening results of this year's Shanghai New Shopping Center: 98%of the investment rate, 95%opening rate, the audience 200+ brands, over 50%of the regional stores, the main force of the main force, the main force, the main force100%of the store first entered, 90%of the catering brand first entered, and 80%of retail supporting brands first entered.

On December 15th, China Merchants Shekou, which won the TOD plot of Shanghai Panuang Road, which won 4.595 billion, covers an area of about 130,000 square meters, and the total construction area above the ground is about 330,000 square meters.TOD commercial and residential complex. 

The commercial project of China Merchants Shekou trading is connected to the "explosive model", which is behind the industry average opening rate level.Combined with the needs of cities (regions), it is to shape the characteristic business that meets the characteristics of the times, regional culture and project endowment according to local conditions, adapt to different business district environments and customer bases, create a significant differentiated commercial landmark, and empower the city's good life.

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