Loyal guards who will always be the party and the people (the Chinese road Chinese dream · Qi heart work together to cheer out)

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  Not long ago,hotly discussed information the Central Propaganda Department promoted to the whole society to release the advanced deeds of the Pagoda Fire Rescue Station of Pagoda Fire Rescue Station of Pagoda District, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, and awarded us the title of "Model of the Times".This is a kind of honor and a spur.When the people need the most, they are in front of the people, saving the people in water and fire, helping the people in danger, and giving the people for strength. We are always ready!

  In 1993, I became a glorious member of the Pagoda Fire Rescue Station.The first lesson of recruits is to learn Zhang Side's spirit of "serving the people".Since then, I have understood how significance and responsibility have become the guardians of the people of the people's lives and property.

  To win the fire field, we must have the courage to be afraid of difficulties.In 2014, an oil can in the area of the area flashing an oil tank, and the scene became a sea of fire, and none of the assault players retreated.Although there are foam water gun cover, we can't feel the slightest coolness under high temperature burning, and we wear fire boots' feet also feel like being burned.The fire is fierce and the situation is critical. Only setting the foam hook tube frame on the top of the fire can can effectively extinguish the fire.The tank on the ladder and the center of gravity were unstable, we stepped on each other's shoulders, clinging to the hot tank, and hooked the foam hook tube.The flames are burned, and the metal water gun is burned, and the will of our steel will not be burned!Fighting for 11 hours, the fire was re -burned 3 times and was extinguished 3 times.In order to protect the lives and property of the people, we are not afraid of hardships and the safety of the people.

  To do a good job of fire protection, we must have a hard work.During my time as a fire truck driver, I bought more than 30 books on vehicle maintenance and maintenance. As soon as I was free, I ran to the car repair factory and equipment workshop.Once, on behalf of the detachment, we participated in the province's great competition. Near the competition, the fire truck suddenly could not get out of the water.I pierced my head into the bottom of the car, checked everywhere, and quickly found the problem.I hurriedly called my colleague to find a toothbrush, carefully brushed the rust point, and the fire truck finally came out of the water.Afterwards, his comrades -in -arms joked, "Old Zhang can repair the car with a toothbrush."I know that only "serious drilling" can "do well".

  Fire fighting work has high requirements for professionalism.Only when you keep pace with the times and strengthen your learning can you practice hard skills.Today, the Pagoda Fire Rescue Station has formed a good atmosphere of "love learning and thinking".Many post -95s players actively learn emergency rescue skills such as ropes, boat boats, and drones, which can effectively respond to emergencies on the spot.We also explore many "golden ideas" in combination with regional characteristics.Yan'an is lacking in water and rain, and we innovate the combat method of all water bubbles. For cultural relics, we establish a precise response mechanism for "one site, one strategy, one exercise" to protect the fire safety of the red revolutionary site in the area over the past 50 years.On weekdays, you can work hard and prepare, and you can come to the crisis and win.

  At the eye -catching position of our fire rescue station, there are eight characters of "Red Army and the People's Guard". This was sent by the local people after a rescue, and it was even more inspired by praise.In the future, we will consciously take the people in our hearts to the highest position to maintain the safety of the lives and property of the people, and use loyalty to protect the lights.

  (The author is the first -level fire director of the Pagoda Fire Rescue Station of Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, and the reporter from Taoxiong interviewed and sorted out)

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