Learn examples around him 丨 Su Inventory: Take your steps and get your heart close to the people

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In order to effectively promote community police work,特快资讯 inspire advanced typical demonstrations, and form a strong atmosphere of learning advanced, advocating advanced, and striving for advanced atmosphere, the Public Security Branch of the Xixia District Public Security Bureau vigorously taps political firmness, leans out as the people, performs duties in accordance with the law, is honest and honest, happy, happyThe outstanding community citizen auxiliary police with strong dedication and excessive business, after the bottom -up, excellent selection and excellent methods, select 5 of each of the police business of the tree community in the global scope, and the community police post pace of the community.There are examples, changing directions, and effectively fulfilling the duties of public security organs in the new era.

Today, let's take a look at the work story of Su Bochi, a police station in the Beibao Town Police Station of the community police business.

Su Big, male, participated in the work of public security in 2019, and is currently the assistant police station of the Zhenbeibao Town Police Station of the Xixia District Public Security Branch.Since the police, his post is changing, but his original intention is unchanged and he has done a good job in public security.In the three years of community police work, he was unknown, worked hard, and always adhered to the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly.

Su Jianzhi is in charge of Haoyuan Village and West China Community.Although these two places have been innovated in the pace of development, the objective status quo of "old, young, and sidelines" still exists.Su Guiguan visited home from house to house, measured the social situation, village, and public sentiment with his footsteps, and proposed a series of work concepts of serving the masses, maintaining harmony and promoting development.direction.

In the face of the large residents' residential group, he knew that he was responsible.In order to do a good job of community basic work, he found his main line -all for the masses and all rely on the masses.In order to implement the service, he announced his contact information and contact number to the residents of the district to further shorten the distance between the police and the people.With Su Nagin's intimate person, the masses are willing to notify their police officers first when they encounter any problems.

In the past three years, he insisted on "running legs" for the masses, accepted more than 200 help categories, and handled more than 80 various certificates.Due to the large area of the jurisdiction and the inconvenience of the masses, he will never resign on the principle of "never let the masses run the second trip".Assist residents to make up.In his work, he will carefully leave the name, address, and contact number of the residents to lay the mass foundation for the community police work in the future.

In the past three years, he has insisted on doing good things and practical things for the masses, so the masses have regarded him as brothers and are willing to assist the most reliable police officers in the area to do a good job of public security and prevention in the jurisdiction.The situation of the situation will cooperate.

"Sister Zhang, the child did not go home from school today, do you have an impression of him?"

"Uncle Huang, are our electric cars all on the license plate? If not, you help me to promote and let everyone come to the place to install licenses for the electric car, and go safely on the road."

"Xiaosu, I haven't seen you come to us recently. It seems that the life in the Murakami is very comfortable. If you need to help, you can talk, so polite."

After three years of getting along, Su Jianzhu and the masses have become relatives without blood.Not only is he sincerely serving the masses, but his "loved ones" often help him.

"Thank you for supporting my work. You are all police officers who don't wear uniforms." These words said the hearts of the masses.Under the leadership of Su Jian, everyone voluntarily volunteered to join the "Police Police" team to assist the Zhen Beibu Town Police Station to carry out community prevention laws and regulations, and collect and provide various social conditions and public opinion information.It is precisely because of the assistance of the masses that the actual situation of insufficient police force has been fully eased, and the public security environment in the area has improved significantly.Up to now, Su Jianzhong has developed more than 10 "police officers", and they have added great help to grass -roots public security work.The police and people in Haoyuan Village and the West China community are the best portrayal of "limited police force and endless people's power".

In the past three years, he has insisted on being the "responsible person" of the masses.After taking over the Haoyuan Village and the West China Community, he conducted a full investigation and understanding of the two communities, and found that the place where the place was rare, poor basic conditions, and relatively backward technical prevention systems.The safety of the lives and property of the masses is not guaranteed.In response to this situation, Su Jianzhong actively coordinated the co -management responsibilities of the village committee and the community, optimized the backward technical defense system to add 74 monitoring cameras to the area, and basically achieved no dead ends in key parts.

At the same time, he actively integrates the patrol force of public security in the jurisdiction, and sets up community staff and grid staff into the security patrol force.In practice and inspections, this voluntary patrol force has gradually expanded to more than 20 people, carried out voluntary patrols for more than 200 times, and the incidence of preventive cases in the jurisdiction dropped to 0 year by year.The team's volunteer patrol force has played a key role in guarding the security of the community.Haoyuan Village and Huaxi Community have become a satisfactory security community for the masses.

The police and the people were together and broke their gold together.For three years, Su Jianzhu has been doing it and has been at the forefront. The inheritors have excellent traditions of work. They have continuously tried and explored in grass -roots social governance.

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