Lead the capital of the capital to revitalize the village with talents

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In Beijing in December,hotly discussed information the winter meaning is strong.The suburbs of Beijing are a hot scene.In the doctoral courtyard of Sanshin Village, Daxing District, several doctoral doctors in agriculture are screened the flower varieties of flowers and ports organized by the village; the strawberries in the greenhouses in Zhuang Village, Dongma are just mature. Gao Wei, the first secretary in the village live broadcast roomVillagers preheat the belt.The back to the village of Hebei Village, Shunyi District, began to think about the winter play project of the Folk Park in the village; Shao Jiaqi, a college student village worker led by the "Caicai Project", walked into the villagers' home to visit again ...Mowing

Since the development of the second batch of theme education, in accordance with the overall requirements of "learning ideology, strong party spirit, emphasis on practice, and building new achievements", the city combines actual conditions to actively learn and use the experience of "10 million projects", improve and improve the working mechanism of rural talents, and use people to use peopleXingye and industry stay, and accelerate the promotion of talent rejuvenation to lead the capital of the capital.

Attract the capable people back to the village, the village is changed

Entering the three house villages in Huangcun Town, Daxing District, the 18 -meter -wide main street, the exquisite hotel -style apartments, and the space sharing space everywhere make people's eyes shine.

"Who would have thought that just a few years ago, this road was less than 8 meters wide, and the two sides were all illegal." Wang Liang, secretary of the village party branch, recalled.A few years ago, when he returned to his hometown, he had just returned to the village, and the income of the three house villages rely on the "tile economy". The villagers changed their own houses to small workshops.

In 2018, Daxing District launched a special rectification. The cadres of the two villages and villages of the Village in the three houses were stubborn. The party members took the lead in demolishing their own illegal construction. They lasted three and a half months.The square meters of private random construction are all demolished.Create a new village cultural courtyard, party building theme park and multi -functional sports field.

"Disassembling is not the end. It is our pursuit to make the people's hearts of Huimin, warm the people, and the people's intentions, so that the villagers have a sense of gain, happiness, and security."Lei said that the village is not far from Yizhuang Development Zone, and its location advantages are obvious. After the village appearance and village appearance have changed their appearance, they will usher in new development. I believe that villagers' income will definitely increase than the original.

Under the guidance of the town party committee, the three buildings of the village set up a cultural and creative company, which was designed and decorated by the company's idle housing to create a talent apartment.After more than 70 companies in emerging industries, the rent price has been up, and the villagers' income increases by about 20%compared to the original.At the same time, a doctoral college has been built in the village to cooperate with relevant colleges and universities to attract doctors in the direction of agriculture and art to conduct research research, participate in village planning and grass -roots governance work, and provide intellectual support for the next development of the village.

The once -dirty urban -rural binding department problem village has now transformed into a leading village of rural rejuvenation. Chen Jinpeng, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Daxing District Party Committee and secretary of the Liangxin Working Committee, said, "The new perspective and new ideas of returning talents will break the mortar and provide it to provide it and provide it to provide it and provide it.The new problem solving ideas have played an important role. "

The first secretary entered the village, "blood transfusion" was even more "bloodmaking"

The theme education is effective or bad, and it will eventually be implemented in action and reflected in development.

Dongma Village, Yuxing Town, Daxing District is a weak village of collective economy. As a member of the sixth batch of villages in the city, Gao Wei has taken the income of collective economic operations as the goal since Gao Wei's village.

Strawberries with high added value and good economic benefits have entered Gao Wei's sight.From zero learning, "3" "Book of 3 strawberry planting technical books, Gao Wei learned herself as an expert, and passed the technology to local villagers without reservation.He also led the villagers to set up a live broadcast room, the first to board the anchor platform to sell strawberries in the village.

"Little Strawberry has become a golden key for our stronger collective economy. In the year, it achieved a collective income of more than 200,000 yuan, driving 15 people in the village to employment, so that villagers have real income.Great improvement, the collective cohesion of the village is getting stronger and stronger. "Gao Wei said.

At the end of December, Gao Wei was about to end the first secretary of the first two years. He began to turn to behind the scenes consciously. "The villagers have mastered strawberry planting technology, and the live broadcasts are also made.The stronger, it's time to let go. "

According to the relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, at the end of 2021, the city selected the sixth batch of 720 first secretary to carry out continuous assistance work, covering key villages such as weak villages in the city.In the past two years, the sixth batch of the first secretary relying on the advantages of sending the unit, integrating assistance resources of all parties, promoting rural development, and providing strong support for the comprehensive promotion of the capital's rural revitalization.

Talent training mechanism, inject the source of living water

The system is fundamental and long -term.The city adheres to the combination of "current reform" and "long -standing", and strives to explore the institutional mechanism that solves the problem of insufficient rural talents.

Talent revitalization is the foundation of rural revitalization.However, the dilemma of village cadres is too old and "green and yellow is not connected".In order to solve the problems of lack of people and lack of reserves in rural cadres, all districts in the suburbs of Beijing are exploring mechanisms.

Shunyi District has established a village -level reserve cadre discovery, selection, cultivation, and use of closed -loop mechanisms, clarifying the management of the town (region) party committee, through digging in the village, quoting outside the village, internal adjustment in the town, from institutions, and hiring from the whole city to the city"Five ways" choose people, and pass qualification review, field inspection, collective research, files to enter the warehouse, select the "five steps" inspection, regular analysis, directional training, fixed human bands, duty exercises, and determine responsibilityTracking the "five mechanisms" educating people, as well as rearing management, solidification mechanisms, clarification of power, responsibility, dynamic assessment, and inspiring "five measures" to use people, cultivate a large number of outstanding rural "successors", and inject live water into the source of rural revitalization.

Jin Zhiguo, secretary of the Hebei Village branch of Nancai Town, was selected from the above mechanism.In 2015, Jinzhi State, who operated a logistics company, mobilized the old village branch secretary and returned to Hebei Village. As a reserve cadre, he entered the village committee and followed the cadres of the village committee.The recognition, and was elected as the village party branch secretary at the end of 2016.In the past 7 years, Jin Zhiguo has grasped the five areas of industrial, ecological, rural style, governance, and people's livelihood in the village with its own rich management experience and managing minds to grasp the party building, gathering people's hearts, and promoting development.The party building promotes the village of revitalization of the countryside, and it has also become a government civil servant by targeted recruitment.

Since 2018, Houshayu Town has implemented the "Talent Project", recruiting college students village workers to the society, and vigorously cultivating reserve talents in rural areas.Shao Jiaqi, a village staff in the village of Xitian, Xitian, is a fresh graduate of 2022. He is also a veteran. For more than a year, he has independently undertaken the village to do his work.

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