Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Kazakhstan RMB Clearance Bank held an opening celebration in Alamu

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On December 11, ChinaICBCKazakhstan's RMB Llerance Lleel held an opening celebration in Alamu.This marks the promotion of high -quality co -construction of China Kazakhstan "Belt and Road"The reality is an important measure to improve the level of bilateral trade and investment facilitation.

As an important financial infrastructure, the RMB liquidation bank of Kazakhstan will be based on Harbin and radiated in Asia to give full play to the fundsBorrow, Bond issuance,Stock investment, Agent transactions, financial market transactions and other functions, for central bank institutions,bankInstitutions, asset management companies, sovereigntyfundWhen the Central Asian market players participate in the Chinese market, share China's open dividends to build useful channels, and improve the well -being of the people of the two countries.

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