The prosecution describes Li Zhiying as a "radical politician" and has been in contact with the former US military for a long time

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Li Zhiying,hot topic the founder of One Media, was charged with the challenge to collude with a foreign forces. He entered the fourth day of the interrogation yesterday.In the first paragraph of the prosecution, Li Zhiying described Li Zhiying as a "radical politician" and claimed to be a firm supporter of the Hong Kong Pan -Democratic School.Li Zhiying took advantage of 2019 "During the "anti -repair" activity, the executives of "Apple Daily" and the "heavy light team" conspired to collude with foreign or overseas forces, incite the hatred and rebellion of the central and Hong Kong governments, and endangered national security.He has publicly stated that "I really want the influence of the CIA (US CIA)" in Hong Kong.Subsid two people to participate in related activities in the United States and Taiwan.

The prosecution pointed out that Li Zhiying was the main brain of this case. Based on the name of freedom and democracy, he planned to use the role of "Apple Daily" as a political platform, publishing institutional articles, contacting and cooperating with former US senior officials, requesting foreign sanctions in China, instructing Apple, instructions AppleThe English version of "Apple Daily" was launched in high levels to invite foreign sanctions.

Li Zhiying, the founder of One Media, left the court, and the police strictly waited.(1)

▲ Li Zhiying, the founder of Yi Media, left the court, and the police strictly waited.

Li Zhiying since June 2019, just "When the anti -repair "storm became more and more intense, it was repeatedly required foreign countries, especially the United States to impose sanctions or blockade against China. Li Zhiying went to the United States in July 2019 to meet with the United States Mike Pence and Secretary of StateMike Pompeo, discussed the "Fugui Regulations", directly advised Pompeo to sanctify the current leaders and officials in the Mainland and Hong Kong.

From July 1st, 2020 to February 15, 2021, Li Zhiying and Li Yuxuan, Chen Zihua, "Frying Bas" Liu Zu, Li Zhiying's American personal assistant Mark Simon, and member of the British Conservative Party Human Rights, Luke de,Pulform), SHIORI YAMAO, a member of the Japanese House of Representatives, and Bill Browder, the British Financialist.The extradition agreement, stop exporting weapons to Hong Kong, and restrict the Hong Kong trade in the Mainland.

Mark Simon pulls the line with the United States

The prosecution pointed out that Mark Simon arranged Li Zhiying to meet with others in the United States to establish multiple WhatsApp groups, including "DC DEMS", "Martin, Jimmy and Mark", etc./Jimmy/Mark Group "group.Li Zhiying funded the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the United States (Jack Keane) and former US Department of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. He had communicated with Li Zhiying and Mark Simon on e -mail. He also participated in the "Apple Daily Daily"Live Chat with Jimmy Lai".

The prosecution tied up the foreign agent, including Christian Whiton, a former senior consultant of the State Department, suggested that the Apple Daily launched the English version; the former US Consul General James B. Chunningham, the former US Consul General in Hong Kong, and Li Zhiying for a long time.In cooperation, Li Zhiying tried to introduce Antonio Chiang to him to know, so that he could engage in related activities with Taiwan; "Hong Kong Supervision" founder Benedict Rogers met Li Zhiying through former Democratic Party Chairman Li Zhuming in 2017. LaterLuke de Pulford knows Li Zhiying.

Former American House Speaker Pelosi (Middle) (middle) has been uploaded to take a photo with the founder of the One Media Group Li Zhiying and the Democratic Party's founder Li Zhuming and others in its Twitter account.

▲ Former American House Speaker Pelosi (middle) (middle) had taken a photo with the founder of Li Zhiying, the founder of the One Media Group Li Zhiying, and the Democratic Party Chairman Li Zhuming, in its Twitter account.

Liang Meifen's husband's impact on sanctions

Li Zhiying constantly asked foreign sanctions to the Hong Kong government in the Mainland. During the incident, the United States sanctioned 42 Hong Kong officials in the Mainland.Wang Guiguo appeared in court to explain the legal impact of sanctions.

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