2023 CCTV Spring Festival Gala's first song was announced; Tongcheng Travel announced the acquisition of Tongcheng International Travel; Small knife electric vehicles were fined about 3.9949 million y

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[2023 CCTV Spring Festival Gala's first song announced]

The first customized song "Hello Stranger" in the Spring Festival Gala 2023 was officially released.This custom song launched by the Spring Festival Gala crew of the Central Radio and Television Terminal and CCTV News uses a warm narrative style, through a sincere and simple question- "Why did I extend your hand to you" and focusThe kindness, trust and warmth from ordinary strangers.

[China Unicom: Release the first domestic high -domestic rate millimeter -wave room distributed micro -base station]

China Unicom official micro -WeChat news on December 29. China Unicom Research Institute released the first domestic high -domestic mimetic micro -base station in China. This is the first milestone developed by China Unicom to achieve the research and development of millimeter -wave independent controllable base stations.

[Small knife electric vehicle was fined about 3.9949 million yuan for tax evasion]

A few days ago, Xiaodao Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaodao Technology Co., Ltd. was fined about 3.9949 million yuan by the Tianjin Taxation Bureau's Inspection Bureau for evading taxes.The punishment basis shows that the company's accounting operations that do not count in the account book that does not count or use income constitutes tax evasion.

[Gome Retail: Affiliated Corporation Gome Electric's bankruptcy liquidation is invited to verify internal verification and does not have owed payment]

Gome Retail Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced that the company's affiliated company Gome has recently received a notice from the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court.The bankruptcy liquidation of Gome Electric is proposed.After internal verification, the applicant is a supplier of companies such as Dalian Gome Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of the company.EssenceThere is no direct business between the applicant and Gome; there is no owe payment of Gome's appliances, and it will ask for objections to the presence in accordance with the law.

[Ald Automobile issued a statement on the "Guangzhou Auto Show Exhibition Hall on the spot": is actively cooperating with the investigation of the cause of the accident]

IAT Automobile's WeChat public account issued a statement stating that on December 29, during the construction of the Guangzhou Auto Show, the Alt Automobile booth work area accidentally caught fire, the reason was unknown.At present, Minghuo has been extinguished and no one is injured.Alt is actively cooperating with the Guangzhou Auto Show Organizing Committee to investigate the cause of the accident. When the reason is found, Ald Automobile will give a formal statement.

[China Mobile releases Panwei database based on OpenGAUSS kernels]

On December 29, China Mobile released the Panwei database at the OpenGAUSS SUMMIT 2022 conference hosted by the OpenAuss open source community.Panwei Database is China Mobile Information Technology Center and China Mobile Zhejiang, Guangdong and Beijing Company, and self -developed database products based on ICT infrastructure based on the OpenGAUSS kernel.At present, Panwei Database has been launched at Zhejiang Mobile Member Center, Marketing Center, Hebei Mobile Customer Delivery Center, new revenue standard business system, and Beijing mobile information life cycle management system.

[Deutsche Bank: High inflation will last until 2023]

Inflation has once again become a major issue.Economists of Deutsche Bank believe that the inflation rate of euro zones will decrease slower than that of the United States.In 2023, inflation will still be much higher than the goals set by Europe and the Federal Reserve.Although the overall inflation in the United States seems to have seen it, inflation in Germany and the euro zone may not be met until February or March 2023.Looking forward to the whole year of 2023, we expect that the inflation rate in Germany is 7.0%, the euro zone is 6.0%, and the United States is 4.1%.High inflation is expected to last until 2023.In the foreseeable future, inflation is unlikely to return to a relatively low level before the epidemic.

[Russian Gas Company: It will continue to increase natural gas transportation to China]

Alexei Miller, the head of Russia's Natural Gas Industry Co., Ltd., said at a conference call before the new year that the company will continue to increase its natural gas conversion to China before the new contract amount takes effect."We decided that in December 2022, we will supply China to China that exceeds the daily contract obligation. The largest excess rate is 18.7%.

[Tongcheng Travel announced the acquisition of Tongcheng National Travel]

Tongcheng Travel (00780.HK) issued an announcement saying that the company will acquire Tongcheng International Travel and complete the in -depth integration of its tourism and vacation business.This integration will further strengthen the product line of Tongcheng travel in the leisure travel holiday sector and improve the service capabilities of the "one -stop travel platform".

[Xinwangda: Super fast battery has achieved small batch production this year]

Xinwangda said that the company's ultra -fast battery has achieved small -scale production this year. The production capacity of different versions and the delivery time will be planned and implemented in accordance with the actual needs of customers.

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