"Wang Shunji"!Xiamen here is boiling here 2023 The opening and broadcasting article on the two sides of the Strait (Xiamen) Xiagang Sending the King Ship Culture Festival

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Straits Herald · December 18 (Reporter Zeng Yushan Ye Xinyang Correspondent Wu Shumei) On the third anniversary of the successful success of the "Sending the King Ship" in China,exclusive information on the afternoon of December 17, the two sides of the Straits (Xiamen) Xiamen Hong Kong and the Wang Ship Culture in 2023The opening ceremony of the festival was held at the tail of Shapo in Siming District.

More than a dozen "heads" participating in the parade performed on the stage in turn. The Caiqi team from Xiamen University International Chinese Education College brought the Polish folk song "in my small garden" performance, which kicked off the opening ceremony.Subsequently, the loud gongs and drums opened the tour of the king ship. Starting from the tail of Shapo, passing through the University of the University Road, Honeycomb Mountain Road, Siming South Road, and around the island, they arrived at the sea of calligraphy square.During the tour, more than a dozen "heads", such as Song Jiangyuan, Drum Slot, Electric Sound Prince, and Breast Dance, were staged one after another. A series of folk techniques with local characteristics of southern Fujian attracted many citizens to stop and watch.

At 4:20 in the afternoon, the "Burning King Ship" ceremony officially began in Calligraphy Plaza around Huandao Road.In the sound of "crackling" burning, the exquisite wooden king boat was sent away, and the bear fire was burning on the scene. Nearly a thousand citizens and tourists witnessed this moment and made a good wish for the future.Essence

It is reported that sending the king boat is an ancient folk event in southern Fujian. The previous Xiamen and Hong Kong sent the king ship was jointly held by the temples on both sides of the Strait in the northeast monsoon. Generally, it was held once in the leap year.On October 23 this year, the opening ceremony was held at the Xiagang Marine Cultural Exhibition Hall, marking the official start of the shipbuilding project of Xiamen and Hong Kong.The king boat built by Xiagang is similar to the ancient official ship, which is different from the king boat built by other palaces and temples, and each hull is slightly longer than the previous session.The captain of this year's king boat is about 8 meters and 8 meters high. The first lion head, dragon, and phoenixes on both sides are presented in the form of woodcarving.Chen Hua, a district -level representative inheritor, completed the painting part of the current king's boat.

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