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People's Daily Online,high speed information December 17th (Reporter Jiang Xuan) On the 16th, the "Chinese Materials with You" clothing culture show co -sponsored by Nigerian Cultural Center and Sino -Materials Construction Nigeria Corporation and China Energy Construction GroupIt was held that about 200 representatives from Nigeria Embassy, China Cultural Center, and Chinese -funded enterprises participated in the event with friends from all walks of life in Nigeria.

Li Xu Da, a cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and the director of the Chinese Cultural Center.People's Daily Reporter Jiang Xuanwan

Li Xuda, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and the director of the Chinese Cultural Center, said that "people rely on clothes and horses and saddles." Clothing is a part of the cultural tradition. The clothing show is a popular entertainment activity and a special communication language.As a bridge between the friendship between China and Niger, the clothing has promoted the people of the two countries to understand each other's culture and exchange ideas, and it is also very beneficial to the development of the clothing industry.

Geng Fengtao, general manager of China Construction of Nigeria Corporation, delivered a speech.People's Daily Reporter Jiang Xuanwan

Geng Fengtao, the general manager of the China Materials Construction Nigeria, said that clothing is a culture and another language of fashion. Another language of life is the theme of eternal life.This clothing show better demonstrated the excellent culture of the two countries, and strengthened the cultural exchanges between the two peoples.

Farock, a professor of political economics at Abuja University, said that Chinese culture has a long history and China's contribution to the world is huge.Common prosperity, common development, and happiness together. "

The event kicked off with each other's language greetings "Hello".As the melodious music sounded, the models appeared in a confident step.A Chinese couple wearing traditional costumes, reproduced the scene of "one worship of heaven and earth, two worshiping Gao Tang, husband and wife worshiping", the festive atmosphere burst into an instant; Nigeria teachers and students from the Chinese Cultural Center performed TaijiquanJi and Songrou are smooth; the little girls of the Ibo people performed their national characteristics, enthusiastic and enthusiastic.

Activity site map.People's Daily Reporter Jiang Xuanwan

Activity site map.People's Daily Reporter Jiang Xuanwan

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