Audiovisual Road to Broadcasting Article

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Author: Rui Menglang Rabbit

One problem we often encounter does not have a simple answer- "What is frontline informationthe best headphones?"

There are headphones with different styles and extensive prices. The best headphones are finally those headphones that meet your personal needs and do not exceed your budget.If you are pursuing a fever -level sound quality and don't mind spending thousands of yuan, our best headset recommendation will be very different from the headphones provided by us to find a gym.

Therefore, you must figure out what you want to get from the headset and how much you want to spend before you splurge.For this reason, you need to understand the options you are provided and clearly understand which options are worth considering.

Hik S1 Wired fever sound quality headset

This wired headset is slightly more expensive, but it is even better in sound and aesthetics.The headset has a better sound field, a more dynamic treble and a gentle low -frequency, and provides a balanced sound characteristics in the whole process.There are wired -line earphones with better sound quality on the market, but thanks to the design of the same shaft dual -rim and the dynamic circle of Tesla's structure, the sound field is very wide and wide.Coupled with its own silver line design, the details are rich and prominent, which is very suitable for listening to songs.No matter what genre you like, the sound quality is very good; this headset will be comfortable when wearing it for a long time.

Sony WF-1000XM4: Best True wireless headset

Like the earmuff-type headset WH-1000XM4, Sony's latest pair of real wireless headphones can be used in all important areas.To a large extent, due to environmental sound control, it will automatically adjust ANC according to your location and movement to obtain excellent audio quality and very effective noise reduction effect.WF-1000XM4 is also very comfortable, although they really need a little bit to be placed in your ears correctly.

Their shells are more compact than their predecessor WF-1000XM3, but the battery life remains unchanged, and the audio playback time is up to 24 hours.If you use Sony's exclusive LDAC codec on Android devices, and Android users can also benefit from Google Fast Pair to provide high -resolution audio support.Sony's WH-1000XM4 is an indisputable king of noise recurrence of earmuffs.Advanced noise reduction technology can adapt to your surrounding environment and behavior, and at the same time you can understand where you have been there to provide the noise reduction function that suits your environment.It is very effective. When it is fully put into use, it can block the truly impressive external sound.

Sennheiser HD560S: the best open headset

Bluetooth headsets are the best choices for those who want to enjoy audio during the journey, but open headphones are still the first choice for enthusiasts who are eager to experience spacious and vast sound fields.Sennheiser has produced some excellent open models, including the HD800S link below, but for most people (including us), HD560S is the best choice for cost -effective balance.

They are very comfortable, with large earmuffs with velvet lining, feel comfortable but not too tight. The soft belt headband can well distribute the weight of the headset to your head.If you pursue exquisite and natural sounds, the audio quality is also very good.HD560S conveys the calmness and clarity of music to us, which has a deep impression on us. The way they convey the sound has a real sense of scale.The separation of musical instruments is first -class, making it an ideal choice for professional use or critical listening.

Open reference headphones may not be suitable for everyone, but if they are your favorite, then you will not find better headphones than HD560s without spending more money.

Beats Solo Pro: Best Ear -in -ear headphones

Beats Solo Pro has excellent battery life, impressive active noise reduction and excellent sound quality, and is one of the best in -ear wireless headphones in the market.You cannot control ANC, but SOLO Pro will automatically adjust the elimination level according to the environment and other factors around you (including whether you wear glasses or whether you wear glasses or leave long hair), which will interfere with the passive noise reduction function provided by the earmuffs.Beats Solo Pro not only has excellent sound quality, but also one of the most fashionable headphones on the market. There are six colors-black, gray, ivory, dark blue, light blue and redExpress, they are a good choice.

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