2023, I am going to travel to these places to broadcast articles

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Author: Houyou

Thereal time news magic -like 2022 was over.In the past three years, even travel is full of haze.

In the new 2023, the policy was relaxed, and I could go out and play.The main tone I set for myself in 2023 is out of the country, and I have not left the country for 3 years.

Today's text,It is my own itinerary plan for 2023EssenceIn 2023, I would like to go to these destinations.

I should take multiple travels, but the time for each travel is controlled in a week or less than 10 days.

On the one hand, there are baby at home and cannot travel abroad.On the other hand, my Chinese stomach can only support me for 10 days and a half months.

Once you are open and out of the country,I will go to Thailand, Maldives and Bali the first timeEssence

This is not a travel pull, but to the entire supply chain and the shop by the way. The hotel you deserve to go will be available. After all, you can only be more handy when you have lived and experienced it.

In fact, these trips will be very bitter. For example, the island I want to brush is 20+, and I have to be tired of going to the family one day.

If it is my own island vacation, I see Anya's universal island resort in the PhilippinesAMANPULOEssence

It was the one that Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung married Bao Island, looking at Bala.

I have already made an appointment with the Queen, and I went to the house here for a few days this year.

This is a Dojima Hotel that needs to take an exclusive aircraft to reach.It is said that this is the most expensive family in Asia, and I am the one I am most likely to be in all Anxuan in Asia.

I will go to Lang Praon.

Isn't the Lao Lao Railway been opened to traffic?You can go to Southeast Asia from the high -speed rail from Kunming.I am the most interested in this railway.

The folk customs of Lang Praon are simple, naturally protected by natural ecology, and there is no too much commercialization.It is one of the most intact cities in Southeast Asia's traditional style and colonial culture.

Early in the early morning, Rang Langprabon has giving.Local residents will prepare food, spread long seats on the side of the street, take off their shoes and kneel and wait for the monks to line up to receive food.

I naturally go to Japan.

But when to go to Japan's time is not determined, it depends on the reservation of the restaurant.Japanese restaurants are really difficult to order, and many restaurants need to be introduced through mature customers.

But there are too many restaurants in Japan that can be "specially planned for a meal."

I asked friends in Japan to help a few restaurants in Kyoto and Tokyo, and immediately flew to Japan when I arrived.

By the way, you should step on the small dots in Japan, such as Birds, Okayama, Ehime, and Gao Zhi.

Africa feels that I will go this year. After all, I have only Africa left.

In Africa's itinerary, I have three choices.

One isTake the pride of Africa by epic and antique trains in Africa, Tap mountain, plains and deserts through Africa.There are only 36 houses in this train, and they can be equipped with 72 passengers in the end.The rooms are all retro at the Victorian era.

It is relatively difficult to travel freely in Africa, and train travel is worrying.

The second choice isGo south along the Nile River, Take a boat to Lukezo and Aswan.

The movie "The tragedy on the Nile" of Gal Gado made me want to experience the cruise ship on the Nile.

However, the probability of this trip is not high. The political situation in Egypt is still a bit messy recently. Dare not dare to go.

Or, it's goingClimbing beggar Mazaro MountainEssenceThis is also one of the last wishes, hoping to have the opportunity to conquer the snowy mountains on the equator.

It is said that if you don't go again, the peak of Qili Mazarus may not be snowing.

It is a high chance that Europe will also go this year.

I really believe in me, go earlier in Europe.The high probability of Europe will become more and more chaotic, and some European countries will even become not so suitable for travel.

Europe I'm going to goFaro Islands, The North Atlantic island is an island, a place known as the end of the world.

This is an island that is rated by the "most beautiful islands" by national geography.The winding coastline, the magnificent waterfalls and the fjords, the tall mountains, the deep valley and the fjord is the flag of the Farrow Islands.

Also may goPortugal and Spain in South Europe.

Southern Europe's prices are relatively low, the pace of life is slow, and the climate is good.Portugal and Spain are very suitable for travel. I visited once in 19 years. At that time, I took a journey to watch the flowers in Candida Cruise. At that time, I wanted to find a chance to go back again.As a result, who knows that the first class is three years.

Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Longda ... all want to go.

Summer bookedPaul Gao DaxiThe itinerary.

I used to go to Bora Bora alone.This trip was pushed on Double 11, but I couldn't hold back myself.

The children of Paul Gao are free. In addition, the cruise ship's main feature is one -price all -inclusive, so it happens to take the baby.

I have a probability that I will play with the Cook Islands or one of the Easter Island.It's so far to go, bringing one with one to lose. These two islands are Island of Dreams in my mind.

I have not given myself too much, and it is estimated that the invitation of the Tourism Bureau will not be less.At present, tourism bureaus like Abu Dhabi, Australia, and Thailand are also hooking up.

After three years, we finally returned to the travel number that will be involved in domestic and foreign countries.

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