Zeng Qin: Culture is the energy source broadcast article of the energy source of the company's 100 years of standing and the long -term foundation in the foundation industry

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meeting venue.Organizer Conference

People's Daily Online, Beijing, December 17 (Reporter Sun Boyang) From December 15th to 16th, the National Cultural Annual Conference (2023) hosted by the Chinese Enterprise Federation and the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association (2023) was held in Yibin, Sichuan.Entrepreneurs from all walks of life gathered to discuss and exchange corporate culture on the role of enterprise and social and economic development and influence.

Faced with the profound and complex changes in China and the world today, as the main body of economic and social development, enterprises are always undergoing tempering and testing.

Zeng Qin, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Wuliangye Group (shares).Organizer Conference

At the national corporate culture annual meeting, the party committee secretary and chairman of the Wuliangye Group (shares) company had stated in the keynote speech entitled "The Pulse of the Wuliangwu, writing and the United States" in the annual meeting entitled "Adhering to the quality of quality, cultural casting the soul, and being innovative, the Wuliangye and Cultural concepts of "coexistence, the United States and the United States and the United States" are proposed.

Be inherited Soul of Casting Enterprise Culture

Corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise and the inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise.To build corporate culture, we must strengthen cultural self -confidence, deeply understand the historical origin, development context and basic trend of corporate culture, and deeply tap the ideological essence, unique creation and distinctive characteristics of corporate culture.

From the perspective of Qin Qin, Wuliangye and beauty culture are the culture.He explained "Shouzheng" from three aspects: First, to keep the positive of traditional culture and inherit the Chinese civilization ", the world's big name; peace, the world's reached the way of the world", forming the "noble monk China"Tolerance.

The second is to keep the traditional skills, follow the five -character tactics of "breeding, brewing, selection, Chen, and adjustment".And the essence is continued and inherited.

The third is to keep the traditional ingenuity, and a generation of generations of artisans pursuing excellent persistent beliefs, and the ingenious spirit of "choice and one life" allows companies to have the industry's leading Chinese winemakers, national liquor judges, and a large number of intangible substancesInheritance of cultural heritage.

Tell Chinese stories well Culture brand

Brand is the carrier of corporate culture, and culture is the enterprise essence condensed in the brand.

In recent years, Wuliangye has continued to innovate in brand communication and actively integrates into major international activities and international platforms. High -frequency debuts such as APEC, Boao Asia Forum, Expo, the World Top Scientist Forum, Chain Expo and other top platforms to create "520 and the United StatesThe cultural festival "" China International West Lake Love Wuliangye Rose Wedding Ceremony "and other cultural IPs, combined with the CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Rabbit, gave 100 million yuan in" beautiful gifts ".

At the same time, he also said that Wuliangye is based on the excellent traditional culture of China, promotes the common values of "harmony", strengthens the pace of "going global", continues to improve overseas marketing networks;Cooperate with each other, practice global development concepts, promote friendly interaction between Chinese and foreign wine companies, and promote the integration of Chinese and foreign civilizations.

Responsibility Sharing the spirit of deep cultivation of corporate culture

Participating experts believe that the new requirements put forward by the new era of corporate culture work are reflected in that not only must we bear the leading responsibilities of strengthening, superiority, and service economic development, but also bear responsibility for the responsibility of performing responsibilities and serving the society.Enterprises assume their due social responsibilities, reflect the value pursuit of the enterprise, and highlight the core functions and responsibilities of corporate culture.

Zeng Congqin believes that "sharing" is one of the important connotations of the new development concept and an important part of Wuliangye and American culture.

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