Yu Minhong: Appointed Dong Yuhui as a cultural assistant of New Oriental Chairman Cultural Assistant and Vice President of the Cultural Tourism Group.

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Viewpoint News: On December 18,real time news Yu Minhong issued a document on his personal social platform that he was appointed as the chairman of the New Oriental Education Technology Group Chairman's cultural assistant, and was also the vice president of New Oriental Cultural Tourism Group.

The new media reports in the past show that on the evening of December 17, Oriental Selection released a live broadcast preview poster, announcing that Dong Yuhui will live broadcast with the founder of New Oriental Yu Minhong at 20 pm on December 18.

The poster shows that Dong Yuhui's identity will change from "with the anchor with the goods" to "the Eastern Selection Senior Partner".

Previously, on the evening of December 16, in the live broadcast room of the current CEO Yu Minhong, the current CEO of the Dongfang, Yu Minhong and Dong Yuhui responded to hot discussions on public opinion.At that time, Yu Minhong said, "Yuhui has always had the right to speak in front of me. In the future, Yuhui will have the right to speak in the career development decision -making decision in the East. Please rest assured."

In addition, the East Selection issued an announcement that it had decided on December 16 to lift the post of Chief Executive of Sun Dongxu and removal of its company's executive directors.However, Sun Dongxu still stayed as the Oriental selection of non -executive directors.In addition, the company's board of directors has appointed Mr. Min Hong as the company's new chief executive.

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