Zoucheng Disabled Perfecting the Cultural Disability Service Network continues to gather cultural assistance to disabled strong joint efforts to broadcast articles

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Volkswagen reporter Hu Zhaojie Leader Wang Jiemu Correspondent Liu Xuehan Jining Report

Since the beginning of this Breaking newsyear, the Zoucheng Disabled Persons' Federation has always adhered to the people -centered, continuously improved the cultural disability service network, and continued to gather the strong joint efforts of culture to help disability.

On December 11th, in the 4th hearing disabled recitation contest in Shandong Province, Zou Cheng Zheng Yan's children stood out in the competition and won the second prize of the small age group and the best popularity award.The spiritual appearance.On December 13, the Jining City Disabled Persons 'Federation issued the "Notice on the Selection of the first Shandong Disabled Chinese Classic Reading Contest of Shandong Province" of the Disabled Persons' Federation of Jining City.Participating in the work, Zou Cheng's children's work "Motherland and Youth" won the first prize; Wang Xueer's "Blooming Life" won the second prize; Wang Jing won the excellent instructor award.

Zoucheng Culture Entering the "Five One" activity scene of the disabled family

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