Zhongnan Culture: The stock transaction is abnormally fluctuated, and the closing price increase of two consecutive trading days is more than 20%of the broadcast articles

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According to the financial industry on December 17,hot news Zhongnan Culture issued a foreign movement announcement. The company's stock transaction price was increased by more than 20%from December 14, 2023 and December 15, 2023.Case.The company conducted a verification of this to confirm that the company's early disclosed information does not have corrections and supplements. The controlling shareholder and actual controller have not traded the company's shares during the stock fluctuations.The company's major matters that have not been disclosed and not disclosed are no major matters in the planning stage.At the same time, the company did not find that public media reported in the near future that it may have a large impact on the company's stock transaction prices that have a large impact.Standard.

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