State Grid Longnan Power Supply: Multi -dimensional "Integrity" moves the original color broadcast article of the integrity cultural brand

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Source: China Energy Network

"The一手资讯se small stories of clean government are very educated. At the same time, people's eyes are shining, and they spread the culture of integrity in the subtle way." On December 14, it was strolled in the office of the Longnan Power Supply Company of Gansu Gansu.The integrity culture exhibition card with a small story of a clean government is attracted.

It is reported that the integrity culture exhibition card in the office is just a microcosm of the “Jiangnan Heyun Long Electric Breeze” integrity cultural brand.Since the beginning of this year, the company has insisted on promoting not daring to rot, not rotting, and not wanting to rot. It carefully planned to promote the construction of integrity culture.Yunlong Electric Breeze "Clean Wind" Integrity and cultural brand background, it continues to fill the new style of integrity and integrity, building the foundation foundation for the company's high -quality development.

"Diversified" to create a new position of integrity culture dissemination

The construction of integrity cultural positions is an important foundation for carrying out integrity education and spreading a clean culture.The Discipline Inspection Commission of the State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company adheres to the "integrity" genes and gather the elements of "integrity".The diversified and clean cultural propaganda positions of the hand are touched by the hand.

"Relying on WeChat group, WeChat public account, short video platform, etc., we insert the" Internet+"wings of integrity culture, and build the" two WeChat public account, WeChat group, electronic announcement) onlineCleaning cultural communication positions.

Since the beginning of this year, the company has created the three major propaganda modules covering the family rules and family rules, disciplinary law classrooms, and cases as a lesson to learn through the WeChat public account of "Long Dian Lianyin" to push typical cases, holiday integrity reminders, family style and clean government stories, etc.More than 20 contents, use mobile phone mobile terminals to carry out party discipline rules and integrity knowledge 4 times, and participate in more than 3,000 employees.Focusing on the weak links of the power supply service, we adopt simulated power to do electricity, visit customers, etc., to normalize power supply services to inspect and unannounced visits, shoot a special film for the production of integrity education, spread more vividly and widely, injecting new new era of integrity culture construction in the new eraThe vitality of propagation.

Offline, State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company strives to build a clean cultural position matrix.According to the work ideas of "two corridors, one wall and multiple bases", make good use of the lively Chinese traditional culture, Longnan local red culture, historical allusions in the family style culture, role model figures, famous quotes and other resources, and focus on highlighting culture and ornamental nature, Interactivity, carefully create a clean cultural corridor, a clean cultural corridor, a clean cultural wall such as a clean cultural corridor, a clean cultural corridor, a clean cultural corridor, and a "clean" atmosphere in the "integrity" atmosphere, and actively guide the majority of cadres and employees to learn integrity and knowledge.Integrity and integrity, promote the formation of new orientation of positive and honest and honest.

"In the next step, we will focus on the power supply place, adhere to the" one characteristic, one -position, one characteristic "construction ideas, build a multi -base clean cultural position construction at various grass -roots power supply places, and continuously expand the influence and coverage of the clean government positions, so that the wholeThe employee sees a clean view and is always taught by integrity. "The person in charge of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company said.

"Cultivation" stimulates the new vitality of integrity culture and education

"I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China and support the party's program ..." On November 30, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company organized 58 party members and leading cadres to go to the "Longnan City Clean Government Education Base" to carry out the third batch of party members and leading cadres in the two counties.Educational activities.Since the beginning of this year, the company has made full use of the local disciplinary committee supervision committee's clean government education base, and has conducted warnings and integrity education activities in Wudu Prison in Gansu Province, Longnan City Integrity Education Base, and participated in 148 education party members and cadres.

"We insist on employee integrity education as the original point, continuously extend the breadth of daily education 'x axis', warning education depth' Y axis', and family style education temperature 'z axis', and build a three -dimensional education of integrity education with the" three -series coordinates' model."The Deputy Director of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company said.

Extend the X axis to broaden the "breadth" of daily education in all directions.The daily education is normalized and tighten the "general valve".The company focuses on the integration of integrity education into daily life, and normalization of activities such as discipline and law learning, talks and talks, and innovative forms and rich carriers, so that integrity education is no longer limited to preaching, effectively extending the coverage of daily education, showing diversification of diversificationEducation form.Combined with the "Tree Planting Festival" to carry out "clean flowers" activities, the Dragon Boat Festival to carry out a series of activities such as the "Cultivation of Langxiang Sending Clean Love and Compassion", and carrying out clean calligraphy and calligraphy collection, etc., and transformed the construction of integrity culture into considerable, touched, sensible, sensitiveThe specific practices of the integrity culture and the role of integrity culture and infiltration of people's hearts are effectively played.

In depth of the Y axis, the full chain strengthens the "depth" of warning education.Warning education individualized to form a deterrent.The company is classified and classified, allowing warning education to achieve "precise drip irrigation".Establish a warning education mechanism for the leadership of the party committee's demonstration and the disciplinary committee coordinating to follow up.In my heart, there are precepts and alarm bells, and the depth of integrity education will be enhanced.

Expand the Z axis, and improve the "temperature" of family style education in the whole field.On the occasion of "Mother's Day", the Discipline Inspection Commission of the State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company will combine good filial piety with the construction of integrity and family style, and launch a series of "Thanksgiving Mother's Day, Inherit the Good Home" series of activities, and "Listen to the story of the mother's lectures on the family style, "The Four of the Ancient Mother's Story" preach, "a letter to a mother", "Excellent Family Style Training", and other activities as the main line.More than 30 articles and family style and family training, further strengthen the integration and expansion of "integrity" and "family style culture", and promote the integrity of integrity with warmth.

"Featured" deep digging the new connotation of integrity culture elements

How to combine red culture, excellent traditional culture, and integrity culture, such as spring wind and rain?The Discipline Inspection Commission of the State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company in -depth excavation of integrity elements with characteristics of Longnan regional characteristics, make full use of local red cultural resources, carry out red and clean education activities, and guide party members and cadres to use the original original and solid Peer of Pei Yuan.Effectively play the role of integrity culture to plastic souls and become popular.

"The best way to commemorate heroes is to inherit the spirit of the hero and transform the heroic spirit into the inexhaustible motivation to promote work." On June 20, the State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company organized a disciplinary inspection cadre to go to the Harda Shop Red March Memorial Hall to carry out the "inheritance of redThe theme educational activity of genes in the first heart of integrity.

"'Long Xiaolian' I work with me and do a" small micro power "supervisor." On July 12, in the Hada Power Power Center, the "Silk Road Red Lian" image ambassador "Long Xiao" launched by Gansu Electric Power"Lian", entered the power supply office in the form of cultural and creative integrity, so that integrity education and integrity culture construction are more grounded, so that everyone can feel cleanliness and influence in the subtle way.

Since the beginning of this year, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the State Grid Longnan Power Supply Company has continued to explore the forms and carriers of integrity culture, and effectively play the role of clean culture and the silence of integrity and rain, so that the integrity culture will "live", "real", "bright", and solicit integrity through solidarity.Paper -cutting, clean calligraphy and painting, integrity handicrafts, and sending clean cultural and creative products into families and teams to continuously enhance the radiation, appeal and infiltration of integrity culture. As of now, more than 20 works such as calligraphy and painting, paper -cutting, etc.Five of the integrity cultural works have been released through the State Grid Corporation Discipline Inspection and Supervision Network.Carry out the 5th phase of the family and the team of integrity and creative products, and distribute more than 10 honest cultural and creative products.

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