Why is burning incense three?What do each represent?We have to know the broadcast article of traditional culture

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As part of the traditional Chinese culture,exclusive information burning incense has played a vital role in religious, folk customs and other fields since ancient times.

We can often see people ignite three fragrances in temples, temples, home or sacrifice venues.But why do you need to lit Sankan incense?

What special meaning does each represent?

Third, as an important number in traditional Chinese culture, it carries special symbolic meaning.The ancients believed that "three" was a complete and stable number, representing the perfect combination of heaven and earth.

Heaven represents the highest master of nature, and is in charge of storms and lightning, affecting people's lives and destiny.

Therefore, people burn incense to worship the sky in order to obtain the blessing and gift of heaven. I hope that the sky can give the wind and rain, Guotai Min'an, and auspicious.

The earth is considered to be a mother of all things, breeding life and resources, and provides a solid foundation for the survival and development of human beings.

Therefore, people burn incense to worship the earth, express their gratitude to the earth, thank it for their gifts and contributions, and hope that the earth can give the grain harvest, rich every year, and richness and peace.

Human beings are considered to be the spirit of all things, with wisdom and creativity, inherit and carry forward culture and tradition.

Therefore, people ignite the incense to worship humans to commemorate and respect their ancestors and sages. It is expected that humans can maintain blood and affection, inherit morality and virtue.

The three incense intertwines symbolize the integration of people and the gods of heaven and earth, expressing piety and respect.

This ancient ritual lasted for thousands of years, witnessed the circulation of the years, and inherited the wisdom of culture.

Regardless of how time is pushed, these three incense will always ignite people's deep enthusiasm for faith and tradition.

Burning incense is not only a kind of respect for God, but also a kind of affectionate expression.

Whether it is a blessing in the temple or the sacrifice at home, people use three incense to convey the desire and gratitude of their hearts.

This is an important part of ancient religious beliefs and traditional culture, and is the inheritance of family emotions.

In the smoke, the ritual of prayer and memory, the ritual of fragrant incense connects people with the gods, ancestors, and family members, and will always pass on.

In the temple, people use three incense to pray for peace and happiness to the Buddha.

In traditional Chinese culture, the three incense represents the ancestors, filial piety, and grace.

These three incenses are also called "Sanxiang incense". Burning three incense can express their thoughts and blessings for their ancestors and loved ones, and they can also express their gratitude and dedication to the benefactors and society.

It can be seen that burning incense is a ritual of symbolic meaning and cultural heritage, and the three incense contains deep traditional culture.

Burning incense is not only an expression of faith, but also a cultural heritage.In the three incense, we can feel the essence of traditional Chinese culture.

For example, the idea of the unity of heaven and man.Traditional Chinese culture believes that heaven and earth people are a whole, connecting with each other, and influence each other.

In order to conform to the laws of heaven and earth, harmonious and natural relationships, and respect the will of the gods in order to get the approval and blessings of heaven and earth.

Burning incense is a ritual that reflects the unity of heaven and man.

By burning incense, people can communicate and communicate with the gods of heaven and earth, express their wishes and gratitude, and accept the guidance and teachings of the gods of heaven and earth.

Chinese traditional culture emphasizes that people must follow the value of righteousness, righteousness and wisdom, and be a moral, moral, cultivated, wise, and faithful person.

Burning incense is a ritual that reflects the value of benevolence and wisdom. Through the filial piety and gratitude of the ancestors by burning incense.

The reward and gratitude to the benefactor, the dedication and responsibility of the society, and the practice and improvement of their own.

And different ideas.

Chinese traditional culture advocates that people must respect and include various cultures and beliefs. Do not force consistency and reject dissidents. They are different from different, and they are in harmony.

Burning incense is a ritual that reflects different ideas. Through burning incense, people can express their respect and understanding of different gods and faith.

As an ancient and modern ritual, burning incense combines the wisdom and essence of traditional Chinese culture, and also reflects the beliefs and mentality of the Chinese people.

In this era of rapid changes, burning incense still has important significance and value. It allows us to miss and gratitude to our ancestors, reward and gratitude to the benefactors, and dedication and responsibility to society.

Burning incense is a traditional culture and a life art. We have to know that we should not forget.

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