The reform of the art test is fully landed, and the road of "no culture can rely on the art test" cannot be passed through the broadcast article

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Recently,头条新闻 the time of art professional examinations has been entered in various places.More than 20 provinces have started unified examinations, and some provinces have ended in some provinces.

In 2021, the Ministry of Education launched the enrollment reform of the art test, and 2024 was the first year of the comprehensive landing of the art test reform.How to squeeze "water"?What new changes and new features are present in the art test?"Xinhua View Point" reporter interviewed the industry.

"Cultural lessons can not be admitted to college by art".

In the original art test mode, some candidates have limited professional development due to insufficient cultural comprehensive literacy after entering school.In particular, some celebrity cultural classes have obviously lower than ordinary candidates and have been questioned by the public.Paying attention to cultural courses is the general requirement of art test reform in recent years, and it is also an important part of a new round of reform.

According to the requirements, the provincial unified examination scores are used as a major for professional examination results. Since 2024, the proportion of the results of the college entrance examination culture course is not less than 50%in principle.At the same time, colleges and universities are encouraged to further improve the requirements for the scores of the college entrance examination.

In the past, Shandong Provincial Fine Arts Professional Cultural Class scores accounted for 30%of the scores, and the performance of dance professional cultural courses in Zhejiang Province accounted for 40%.implement.

Beijing candidates Xiao Dong is a re -study student. This year, he invested more time and energy in cultural courses."After the proportion of cultural classes increases, the pressure and difficulty of preparation of exams have increased, and both sides must be taken on both sides." Xiao Dong said.

In addition, 8 artistic history, art management, intangible cultural heritage protection, drama science, film science, drama, film and television literature, radio and television director, film and television technology, and other 8 art majors will no longer organize professional examinations.With reference to the comprehensive quality evaluation of candidates, choose the best admission.

"For candidates who apply for these majors, the cultural lessons are more advantageous." Said Zhao Xubo, an art teacher in Liaoning Experimental Middle School, said that in this way, the admission scores of related majors may be raised.

Guangdong candidate Lin Lin said that some students originally wanted to apply for related majors. After the new request came out, because the cultural class results were not ideal, they gave up.

According to Wang Huiyu, a professor at the School of Fine Arts of Northeast Normal University, students with good cultural lessons can better adapt to the study of art after entering the school. The overall quality and ability can be more prominent, which shows strong competitiveness in the employment market.

The provincial unified examination covers six major categories, and the rules tend to be unified nationwide

On the morning of December 2nd, the Beijing Music Unified Examination was held at the Central University for Nationalities.Xiao Cao, who was applying for music education, felt that it was normal. "Music is the first year of unified examinations. There was still some anxiety when preparing for the exam. Later, I found that the test was relatively simple."

Since 2024, the provincial arts unified examinations are generally divided into six major subjects such as music, dance, watch (guide) acting, broadcasting and hosting, art and design, and calligraphy.Earlier, the provincial unified examinations were “their own politics”: Beijing only had arts in Beijing, and the art, music, and dance categories in Hebei Province conducted unified examinations. Some provinces had unified examinations in some provinces, and there were as many as 10 unified categories of Hunan Province.

He Changfu, Chief of the Admissions Division of the General University of the Gansu Education Examination Institute, said that in the past, the provincial examination subjects, content settings, examination rules and standards were different.Judging from the 2024 test instructions issued by the provinces, the provincial -level unified examinations basically cover the six major categories. The content of the examination content, full score, and specific requirements tend to be unified nationwide, and the fairness and standardization are improved.

The unified examination further strengthened, corresponding to the continuous reduction of the scale and scope of the school test.According to statistics, a total of 38 colleges and universities have conducted school tests. In 2019, there were nearly 100 universities that organized school tests. The number of school tests in the earlier period once exceeded 300.

Song Yan, deputy director of the teaching of Baichen Art Middle School in Changchun City, calculated the account: Before the reform, students need to go to more places to take the school test after the provincial test. The exams often last for a week.Tens of thousands of yuan, time, energy, and money are high.

Candidates from Jilin Province, Fu Jianing, canceled the school test."It is not so tossing to take the provincial unified examination, which also relieves the burden of the family." Fu Jianing said.

However, there are also a few candidates and parents worry that once the provincial unification exam is not good, they may not have the same school college.The person in charge of the Admissions Office of the Central Academy of Fine Arts stated that the scope and scale of the school test gradually narrowed, focusing on students with outstanding artistic talents.A few schools and colleges and school test majors are implemented with more refined and diversified selection, which helps solve the special and personalized problems in art education; while ensuring the fairness of the enrollment examination of the art professional, it takes into account the selection of talents.scientific.

How to prepare for the future?

After the reform of the art test, the number of provincial college entrance examination applicants in some regions decreased.According to data from the Anhui Education Admissions Examination Institute, in 2024, the candidates for art and design, music, and broadcasting and hosting were 24,000, 04,900, and 0.18 million.And 03,000 people.According to the statistics of the art examination training institution, the scale of art candidates in Sichuan Province in 2024 was nearly 60,000, a decrease of about 10%from 2023.

Wang Kerong, a art teacher in Lanzhou Fifty -three Middle School, said that candidates who chose the art test in the past can accounted for 80%of the art test due to the unsatisfactory grades of cultural classes.Difficulty, "the number of students will gradually decrease."

Under the change, how to deal with it?

Wang Yue, a dance teacher of Baichen Art Middle School in Changchun City, told reporters that in response to the changes in the Jilin Provincial Art Examination and Provincial Examination, the school has strengthened the basic skills training of students in professional courses, and added some types of dance types to adapt to the improvisation examination."Chinese dance, ballet, international standard dance, modern dance, etc. must be familiar with, so that no matter what you take, you can randomly respond." Wang Yue said.

In view of the higher requirements of the comprehensive quality, cultural literacy, and life observation ability of the art examination reform, many interviewees suggest that candidates usually accumulate, observe, and collect more materials."template".

The reporter noticed that some art high school optimized the teaching time ratio of professional and cultural courses. Candidates have more time to learn and consolidate cultural knowledge every week.Some areas have begun to explore the provincial examinations and school examinations, and provide candidates with different types of cultural courses or centralized counseling.

In the 14th Middle School of Lanzhou, when enrolling in the music class, the teacher will ask the parents a question first: What does the child want to do in the future?The school's music teacher Zhong Jing said that the school will explain to parents in advance to clarify the examination trend and employment direction of the music test.She found that there were fewer and less learning music because of poor cultural lessons.

Xiong Bingqi, the dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said that solid cultural literacy and artistic talent are equally important. Candidates and parents must change the utilitarian thinking of "using art test as a springboard" and "curve college entrance examination", and do not follow the trend.

The person in charge of the enrollment office of a key art college in Beijing suggested that candidates should understand the new situation and new requirements in advance, and evaluate whether to take the art examination for the artistic examinations in accordance with my interests, cultural courses and professional courses."Be sure to based on your own interests and prepare early. You really like art to take the art test."

Interviewed experts believe that art test is an important way to select and cultivate art professionals. The new round of art test reform has been fully implemented, further correction of utilitarian thinking such as "focusing on professional and light culture" and "temporary speed", and gradually squeezing the art test ""Water" "helps more artistic talents who truly love art and have potential to cultivate potential, and will also have a positive effect on the high -quality development of artistic talents.

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