The National Cultural Annual Conference held a broadcast article in Yibin, Sichuan

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meeting venue.Organizer Conference

People's Daily Online,一线资讯 Beijing, December 17 (Reporter Sun Boyang) From December 15th to 16th, the National Cultural Annual Conference (2023) hosted by the Chinese Enterprise Federation and the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association (hereinafter referred to as the "China Enterprise Federation")It is held in Yibin, Sichuan.The conference is based on the theme of "shaping excellent corporate culture and condensing corporate development forces", discussing new ideas and methods of comprehensively promoting corporate culture construction in the new era and new stage, and enhanced corporate culture to promote enterprises to achieve higher quality and higher leveldevelopment of.

Award ceremony.Organizer Conference

According to the organizer, the National Enterprise Culture Annual Conference is a brand activity carried out by the China Enterprise Federation to meet the economic and social development situation and the needs of the majority of enterprises. It is held every two years.Since its establishment, more than 1,700 excellent corporate culture achievements have been recognized, and it has become an important platform for my country's corporate cultural exchanges and dialogue. It has played a bridge and linkage in promoting the construction of my country's corporate culture.

The former Deputy Secretary -General of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the China Economic and Social Council, Guo Jun, said that corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.He believes that the core of modern corporate culture is that enterprises must have beliefs and spirit, and for Chinese enterprises, they must have the feelings and pursuit of national rejuvenation, the country's prosperity and strength, and the spiritual and courageous spirit and courage of difficulties.Wisdom and responsibility.

He said that the formation of the formation of corporate culture is the process of thinking about entrepreneurs in the future of struggle, that is, the process of clearly expressed the vision, mission and values of the enterprise.Developed corporate culture.

Zhu Hongren, Secretary of the Chinese Enterprise Federation, the party committee secretary of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, executive vice president and secretary -general, proposed in the annual meeting report that excellent corporate culture will definitely cast a strong spirit of supporting first -class enterprises to support development and vitality.

He said that to improve the influence of corporate culture, we must be good at carrying out brand communication, tell the story of corporate stories, and promote the strong voice of the times. Especially in international operation, enterprises must always adhere to the Chinese cultural position and spread the Chinese voice and the excellent tradition of Chinese Chinese traditions.Culture, showing the Chinese spirit, Chinese value, Chinese power and the image of China embodied by Chinese enterprises and brands.

It is understood that the annual meeting commended the "Outstanding Achievement of the National Enterprise Culture of 2022-2023". Wuliangye Group won the special prize of "2022-2023 National Enterprise Culture Excellent Achievement", and it is also the only company in the liquor industry to win this honor.

Zeng Qin, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Wuliangye Group (shares), said that culture is the blood of the nation, the spiritual home of the people, and the energy source of the energy of the enterprise's 100 -year -old and long -term industry.In recent years, Wuliangye and Cultural concepts that have adhered to the quality of quality, cultural casting the soul, and keeping in innovation have put forward the concepts of "harmony together, beauty and the United States and the United States".

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