Loudi Economic Development Tax: Promoting the spirit of the spirit of the Constitution inheritance the rule of law culture broadcast articles

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Red Net Moment News December 13 News(Correspondent Dai Zhifeng Hu Sijie) December 4th is moment informationthe Tenth National Constitution Day.From December 1st to December 7th is the sixth constitutional publicity week in my country.In order to vigorously promote the spirit of the Constitution and maintain the authority of the Constitution, the Loudi Taxation Bureau has carried out a series of constitutional learning and propaganda activities.

Wide publicity and create an atmosphere of the law.By posting constitutional publicity posters and hanging constitutional publicity banners in the office building and tax service hall, push constitutional propaganda content and constitutional knowledge in the work group, encourage cadres and employees to actively participate in constitutional knowledge answering activities, strengthen the spirit of the constitutional spirit and the constitution of the overall cadres and employees of the overall situation and the constitutional constitutionKnowledge understanding and mastery.

Strengthen learning and understand the connotation of the Constitution.The party branches in the bureau actively carried out the special study and discussions of the constitution, focused on learning the important content of the socialist rule of law system with Chinese characteristics, enhanced the systemic rule of law system of cadres and employees, deepened the understanding of the constitution of cadres and employees, and ensured that the spirit of the Constitution was truly in mind.

Internal and external linkages to enhance the concept of constitution.Organize public lawyers and business backbones to issue constitutional publicity manuals in the tax service hall, publicize the significance of the implementation of the constitution to the taxpayer, issue publicity manuals, popularize the constitutional knowledge related to life, and let the general public understand the fundamental Dafa and tax policies.In terms of knowledge, actively create a rule of law environment for law, finding the law, and solving problems in the law.

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