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▲ Since 2024,特快资讯 the proportion of the college entrance examination culture lessons is not less than 50%in principle, and it has become a sculpted rule for art test.Beijing News Data Map

Wen | Hu Xinhong

As the first test after the comprehensive implementation of the art test reform, the art test in 2024 attracted much attention.According to Xinhua News Agency, recently, localities have successively entered the art professional examination time, and more than 20 provinces have started unified examinations. Some provinces have ended in some provinces. The new changes and new characteristics of the examination have caused heated discussions.

In accordance with the guidance of the artistic professional examination enrollment work issued by the Ministry of Education in 2021, the provincial unified examination scores are used as a major for professional examination scores. Since 2024, the proportion of the college entrance examination culture courses is not less than 50%in principle.This means that the road of "cultural lessons can not be admitted to college" is unreasonable. Those who want to rely on the "curve college entrance examination" must choose other ways, and the training method of art candidates must also change.

In order to select art professionals, my country has started art test since 1952.After the enrollment of the college entrance examination in 1999, the scale of enrollment and training in art majors continued to expand, which became positive for the prosperity of literary and art.However, in the original art examination model, some candidates have been inadequate due to lack of comprehensive cultural literacy and limited professional development after their enrollment. In particular, some star cultural courses have significantly lower than ordinary candidates, and they have also been questioned by the public.

With the fierce art test, various types of training services have emerged.Many students with poor cultural courses can transform into "art candidates" gorgeous after three months of assault.The enlisite has generated "Yi Candidate", causing some candidates and parents to have an illusion that everyone can follow, which has promoted the impetuous social atmosphere.

Behind the fever of the art test is the sentient beings who are quick and quick, which leads to the intensification of cultural literacy, which is seriously contrary to the training of artistic talents. Some art students are difficult to complete basic studies after entering college.Because of this, attaching importance to cultural courses has become the general requirement of art test reform in recent years and an important part of a new round of reform.

In 2021, the Ministry of Education issued a statement that by 2024, the main body of the unified college entrance examination and provincial professional examination as the main body, based on the cultural results of the college entrance examination and professional examination results, refer to the comprehensive quality evaluation of students, classified examinations, comprehensive evaluations, diversified admissionThe enrollment system of college art majors is clearly said to "no" for the utilitarian concept of "cultural performance is not good."

According to reports, after the difficulty of cultural courses, the number of provincial college examination applicants in some regional categories in 2024 also decreased.According to data from the Anhui Education Admissions Examination Institute, in 2024, the candidates for art and design, music, and broadcasting and hosting were 24,000, 04,900, and 0.18 million.And 03,000 people.According to the statistics of the art examination training institution, the scale of art candidates in Sichuan Province in 2024 was nearly 60,000, a decrease of about 10%from 2023.

Correspondingly, the scale and scope of school tests have continued to reduce.According to statistics, in 2024, a total of 38 colleges and universities conducted school tests. In 2019, there were nearly 100 universities that organized school exams. In the earlier period, the number of school tests exceeded 300.These changes undoubtedly greatly reduced students' economic and time costs.

Artistic talents require talent, but they need solid cultural literacy as support, otherwise it will be like water -free water and wood.Improve the threshold for cultural achievements, make the art test no longer "easy to test", "dismissal" part of the some candidates who are not really interested in art, are the correction of utilitarian thinking such as "focusing on professional and light culture", "temporary speed".It highlights the respect of the training of artistic talents.And this will inevitably help more talents who have artistic talents and cultural literacy and truly love art.

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