Hubei Yuan'an Tobacco: High -cultivation of integrity culture Create an article broadcast on the Ministry of Clean

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The一手资讯 wind is clear, and it is true to Lian.Since 2023, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Marketing Department) of Yuan'an County, Hubei has strengthened the leadership of party building, relying on the advantages of the grass -roots party branches in the department, focusing on the construction of the "Clean Station Division" of the industry's superiors, so that the concept of cleanliness is penetrated into the department, in -depth services,Objects, focus on creating a "clean department" with political firmness, efficient law enforcement services, high work style, and satisfaction of the masses.

Yuan'an Mingfeng Management Office (Marketing Department) Culture Corridor

Education advanced tree fresh wind

"Life is like a tea, and the integrity is better than galing. As an administrative law enforcement officer, we must be the Ming Dynasty, know the border, and keep the bottom line. In the life of Rucha, do people clean and clean." August 24th. "August 24th.On the day, the party branch of the Yuan'an County Bureau (Marketing) Mingfeng Management Office organized party members to go to the local “tea” and integrity education base to carry out “strengthening disciplinary education and cultivating disciplinary consciousness” warning education activities.

In order to focus on solving the problem of governance of the party at the grassroots level, the business of the grassroots ministry, and the party branch of the Mingfeng Management Office highlights the political core position of the party organization and gives full play to the leading role of the party organization in the construction of the "Clean Department"., Pay close attention to party spirit education, discipline and law education, and warning education, realize the position of integrity, integrity, standardized, and integrity, and guide the staff of the grassroots institutes from the original source of their ideas, and strive to serve as the party constitution, party discipline, party discipline, national laws and regulationsHonor and defender.

At the same time, the party branch of Mingfeng Management Office relying on the "three meetings and one lesson" and the theme party day activities, etc., all party members and the masses have thoroughly studied the important expositions on the construction of party style and clean government and the construction of integrity culture and the "Guidelines for the Integrity and Self -discipline of the Communist Party of China".The discipline and laws such as the "Communist Party of China" and other disciplinary contents are theoretically firmly guaranteed in theoretical firmness, and the sobrobium is guaranteed with ideological sober guarantee.

The spring wind turns rain, and the moisturizes is silent.The Mingfeng Management Office (Marketing Department) makes full use of the corridors, library corners, desks and other areas to carefully create a clean cultural corridor, a breeze reading corner, a clean and self -alert desk, etc.The integrity platform promotes the sense of integrity culture, knowing, and getting close, and aggregate integrity to the centripetal force with position radiation.

Market administrators preach retail customers to tell the behavior specifications of tobacco practitioners

Liech up and down tight chain

The strict and strict governance of the party is to strengthen disciplinary construction.Focusing on the sound and integrity risk prevention and control mechanism, market administrators and customer managers focus on key links such as "people, wealth, property, and power" to comprehensively sort out integrity risks, establish a list of integrity risk prevention and control lists, and small and micro rights.The physical examination can achieve "no right outside the list."

"Focusing on the problems that may appear in daily work with power and personal, good friends, borrowing from service objects, etc., we organize the" two members "to sign a commitment, set up opinion boxes, post a call, unblocked complaint channels, and use unannounced visits and other forms.The behavior of discovering the situation listed in the negative list should be reminded in time to correct and promote the long -term effect of positive wind and discipline. "Du Xi, a disciplinary inspection member of the Mingfeng Management Office, is a treasure taken by the work measures taken by the year.

In addition, focusing on "help work, care about life, point out questions, prompts risks, and ask for requirements", the party branch of the Mingfeng Management Institute focuses on building a full coverage mechanism of the grass -roots ministry talks, strictly managed the combination of loveAs a spirit.

January 1st evaluation, one season for evaluation.The party branch of the Mingfeng Management Institute also incorporated the monthly reality performance of the employees into the assessment system, and fully applied the results of the assessment to the work of evaluation and selection and appointment, creating a good atmosphere of compliance with the discipline and exhibition, and forming a "education guidance., Promise to practice promise, supervision and management, and use the use of results ".

Carry out "Strengthening Disciplinary Education and Training Disciplinary Consciousness" warning education activities

Guest, I will take the righteousness together

"I did not expect that tobacco companies did so many jobs in the construction of disciplinary style and integrity culture!" On October 18th, cigarette retail customers in the jurisdiction of Mingfeng Management Office (Marketing Department) have beenMake emotion.

During the event, retail customers visited the Clean Cultural Corridor of the Mingfeng Management Office (Marketing Department) and the "Construction of the Ministry of Cleaning the Ministry" exhibition board to jointly study the "Twenty Prohibitions" of Tobacco Monopoly Laws and Regulations and Regulating the "Twenty Brant".The staff introduced the "Standards for the Staff of the Staff of the Tobacco Business System of Yichang", preached the relevant requirements of the "Clean Department" construction, played the role of bridges and bonds connected to the masses in the grassroots department, and laid the mass foundation for the "construction of the Ministry of Clean and Clean."

In addition, the Mingfeng Management Office (Marketing Department) also expanded the work connotation of the "construction of the Ministry of cleanliness", and carried out activities such as "guests and me," and "sending integrity to the terminal" and other activities to guide staff to continuously improve the awareness of the rule of law and discipline of discipline and discipline.Consciousness, actively accept the supervision of the masses, and promote the improvement of management efficiency.

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