The decline in gold futures has just begun not to farm waterfalls as scheduled

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On Monday (December 11) this 重大新闻trading day maintained a shock within the spot gold day. Today, the opening reported to US $ 2003.22/ ounce, the highest touches 2008.34 US dollars/ ounce, and the minimum touched $ 2002.09/ ounce.Essence

The November non -agricultural employment report announced in the United States unexpectedly strengthened, and the announcement value was 199,000, far exceeding the previous value and expectations.The unemployment rate fell to 3.7%, and the monthly wage increased exceeded expectations.At the same time, as American families have lowered inflation expectations in the next year to the highest level in 22 years, American consumer confidence has rebounded sharply in early December, exceeding all forecasts.The market lowered the interest rate cut for the Fed in 2024, thus suppression of gold, and once fell back to the 2000 mark. Non -farm was perfectly emptied. The layout of 2023 was successfully reached the goal of 2010.

Gold broke through the historical high of 2075 last week, and directly flying to the sky near 2150, setting a record high.However, things must be reversed, and then the decline is even more fierce. It ushered in a collapse and falling. It once fell back to 2009 to relieve the decline.The Air Force successfully launched a counterattack. Non -agricultural data was super expected, stimulating gold to accelerate downward, successfully fell below 2009 key points, a minimum of near 1995, and the daily decline was as high as 40 points.Turn on the recent long -term strong pattern.

Kind tips:The wind direction changes!The Federal Reserve is afraid of reducing interest rates of 100 basis points this year. Gold Cyclonus over $ 50 is close to 1940, and the rise is still behind?The market is changing rapidly, investment needs to be cautious, and the operation strategy is for reference only.

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